Applied Astrology Online Course Register for March Today! With Three Options!

*Wednesdays! Great for International Time Zones!

Have You Ever Wanted to Study Your Own Birth Chart!? But weren't sure where to start, or how take your knowledge of Astrology to the next level? (Click on link to Register!)

Here You Go!

Study Your Own Birth Chart, along with the Weekly Transit Chart in a small and intimate online study group...

THIS GROUP will meet once a week on WEDNESDAYS at 1:30 pm EDT. REGISTER HERE TODAY FOR WEDNESDAY'S Applied AStrology Online Course!


We also have Two Other Groups To Choose From.

Check Them Out!

*Sundays! Enjoy the late week Sunday gathering!

(Click on link to Register!)

*Mondays! Start fresh with Mondays!

(Click on link to Register!)


Register Today!

Stay Empowered Through Astrology!



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