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FULL MOON VIRGO... It's the time of year to look at the details of our divine alignments and spiritual order. To be of service and to take the path in stride, paying attention to the formula, the equation, of the greater order of that which is formeless within us and our world. To understand the necessity of the ego, that brings form to the mystical and boundaryless. The perfect axis line of logic and intuition... to build balance between the spirit worlds, and the inspirations that allow us to be logical in how we discern what we will take with us, and what we will leave behind. It's Cleansing Time!

Full Moon In Virgo at 0º happens the day that the Sun arrives in Pisces! In Pisces, we have personal planet Mercury with Neptune at 15º; instigating quietly the intuitive mind of empathic and psychic energies. Listen, a message is delivered, quietly, intuitively and softly. Is it a message in musical lyrics, or in a poem whispered, a soft voice upon awakening...?

Venus, the planet of Love and all beautiful things, has just conjoined with the teacher of commitment and discipline Saturn, in Capricorn at 16º. Is there an agreement on the table of life, in love, money, or in responsibility? In the opportunity to step and fill-in the shoes of the order of growth, through mastering ourselves, in our personal lives...?

Venus will meet Pluto, then the South Node, this is a time to accept the release of the old ways of structuring our lives, our world. And to understand the path of emotional securities we find in ourselves as we heal the feminine and empower the sacred emotional process of the once hidden power of softness and vulnerability. Which only leads to intimacy through the Love of the Goddess. Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius cuts the umbilical cord or codependent emotional, and potentially toxic relations. Where freedom and manturity to step into the new with is self assured, safe and timely.

Planet Mars, has, in the past week, ignited the freedom of our self-motivation as we have launched with sheer personal will, determination and action, into the paradigm of our next Uranian Cycle. Mars is quickly exploring the seeding of this new opportunity, as it buries itself into the earth's nurturing mineral content, pressed, pressured, secured...

Preparing the path for Uranus in Taurus next month! With the newness in our physical sensory system and the love of beauties of radically new proportions. It's gonna get freaky!

Slow and steady is Mars in Taurus...

Patience is the seed of possibilities here.

The path has been ignited, now we wait...

But not for too long!

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In Radical Love, Maja

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