Full Moon Libra 0º | 03.20.19 |

On the first day of Spring, a dynamic Full Moon will happen at zero degrees of the relationship sign of Libra. First day of the astrological calendar, consider this the Fool card in the Tarot, is embarking on a fresh new journey into relational territory.

Venus the ruler of this Full Moon, is placed in the 'Avant Gard' sign of Aquarius where surprises and the unexpected are certainly afoot. This is an excellent time to consider a bran new paradigm where ALL OUR RELATIONS are concerned. Using these energies to heighten our perspective of the greater cause and reason for the coming together that happens in our personal lives.

The Aries and Libra axis line is forcing us to understand the balance between the self and the other.

*Where do we end and the other begin?

*What is the 'agreement' that we find ourselves in?

*Where is the imbalance?

*What missing piece comes to bring balance?

*What do we want or need out of this relationship?