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April Astrology Forecast, Video Links & YouTube Webinar! Check out the "quote" for th

Welcome to APRIL, when flowers grow and spring is in action! This April is like no other. We begin the month with the Nodal South Node (past mastery of soul accomplishments) in exact conjunction to the planet of deep soul death and transmutation into an eventual new birth cycle.

Pluto transforms our sense of reality by bringing to the surface our hidden psychological shadow, and Pluto does this in a very slow, very determined and eternal change.

So how exactly are these two power houses of transformation, soul awakening and karmic release going to be experienced?

The initiation is NOW, the process will take us through the rest of the year, with several bench marks along the way with the Capricorn-Cancer Eclipses this year.

Do you have any planets between the 24th to 20th degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra in YOUR BIRTH CHART? If so, this energy will more jarring to 'force' you into truly taking a necessary turn in life.

How about 24-20 degrees in any of the other earth signs; Taurus or Virgo? Lucky for you the transformation will be more welcoming than for other signs. If you are a Capricorn Sun or Rising sign, expect your identification with your own 'old structural power' to be slowly de-structured in a timely and physical way.

Libra or Leo at those degrees of the signs will have an awkward feeling and possible life/soul irritation that can't be shacked off, or manipulated away.

But the month of April isn't all doom and gloom... Remember the Mercury Retrograde of the YEAR!? Well Mercury is finally direct and coming out of its shadow (29º Pisces) to enter self directed, ambitious Aries! What a breath of action oriented expression!

We also have Venus in Pisces to smooth out any fluttered senses of reality and confusion that the past several month's influence within Pisces could have stirred up. Rest assured, really beautiful frequencies of love and Divine showering of blessings is making its way into your Pisces House in Your Birth Chart!

We've got a New Moon at the beginning of the month at 15º of Aries. What a great 'clearing of the slate' as we initiated into the self-declaration. This New Moon is 'squeezed' in between two consecutive FULL MOONS in Libra. The first one of which was on the first day of Spring, March 21st at 0º. Followed by the upcoming second Libra FULL MOON mid April, at 29º. What is the relationship pattern within our personal lives, that is reflecting back to us this new self-declaration? The conclusion of this question arrives around mid month!

Soon after on the 21st of April, the sun will enter the sign of Taurus. Usually this ingress of our Sun into the sign of the bull, is a nicely quiet and soothing illumination of our comfort and luxuries. The values we cherish become more evident and accessible within our fingertips.

However....... This time around, the Sun will 'land' on planet Ouranus the day after it arrives in Taurus. Expect a surprise. A dynamic change of frequency felt within the body, physical resources around beauty and love, as well as financial currencies could be initiated to an unknown change. The process begins. It will last man years. In our outer world, these changes can easily be seen in our weather pattern changes, due to the magnetic north pole dividing into two vortices and shifting east over Siberia at an alarming rate over the next 18-36 months, or so. The archetype of Ouranus in Taurus upon the earth is that of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Earth is receiving, over the next several years, very powerful cosmic rays of electro magnetism from our Sun. This helps shift the frequency of the Schumann Resonance and in affect, that of our brainwave frequencies and abilities.


YouTube Webinar Link : LIVE Saturday, March 30th 4:30 pm EDT


Below are the links to the APRIL MONTH AHEAD VIMEO VIDEOS per SIGN & LINK to Register to the APPLIED ASTROLOGY ONLINE COURSES for MAY 2019


*APRIL MONTH AHEAD ASTROLOGY FORECASTS for the 12 Signs on Vimeo Subscription Channels.


Aries :

"Wake up, shake up, you're on a new life path, karma dissolved."

Taurus :

"Spiritual path calls, changes in your beliefs, so you can evolve."

Gemini :

"Passions fire up, discovering new goal initiation, clears limitations."

Cancer :

"Emotional truth in you, connects to spirit, to walk a new path."

Leo :

"Softness comes to you, healing you day-to-day in a new way."

Virgo :

"Veil has been lifted, you create anew, exploring the mind too."

Libra :

"Relations are pointing back to you, changes in your comforts soon."

Scorpio :

"Letting go of old contracts of your mind, new sweet love arrives."

Sagittarius :

"Creation sparks are new, your old values reveal something new."

Capricorn :

"Your mind is morphing, as you dissolve who you've always been."

Aquarius :

"Big karma clears away slowly, your foundation is shifting deeply."

Pisces :

"Your love is true to be yourself, standing tall in a new vision."



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