2nd New Moon - 2nd Full Moon (Aries-Libra) Relationship Balance & Purpose Through Action.

Explore this powerful initiating New Moon in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac! Where the new cycles begin and life springs forward in a fresh way. Much has been released from our subconscious, in the neighboring sign of Pisces. As we have been brought into the mystical akashic records of the collective unconscious, over the past several weeks. Preparing us for this New Moon energy in Aries

How has the past 12 months brought you to a new threshold? A journey has come full circle, and the karmic lessons learnt?

Every time at this 'Spring Time of the Year', we have this powerfully self initiating moon... A fresh cleare slate is ours once again. About to begin anew, from the lessons learnt and the deep processing explored over the past several weeks.

Remember that this new Moon in Aries is 'sandwiched' in between TWO FULL MOONS in LIBRA!

*Where do relationships in your life show the potential balance of opposites?

*What is the purpose of those relationships in your life now?

*What have you, and what will you continue to learn about yourself through the reflective nature of these relationships now?

*Where is balance required in an 'action of adjustment'?

*Where are legalities and contractual scales of balance making their way into your personal dynamic?

*What do we need to learn from the relational dynamics in our world? And in our lives?

*Are we repeating the old cycle of that which was shown to us from within our past?