Venus meets Neptune this Week! Are you with a Magician?

Venus meets up with Neptune with a beautiful and serene force! And it's about time, after the Mercury retrograde involving Neptune and the New Moon of February. Here is a breath of fresh sea air!

Diving in deep now and Loving Through The Divine, you can bring amazing healing energies into this world and into YOUR LIFE! One of the most beautiful and benevolent astrological transits IS Venus and Neptune together! (The one transits is Venus and Jupiter.)

Also, with the North Node in watery sister sign of Cancer, you can bet that the overflow of emotional and spiritual frequencies can be experienced VISCERALLY, if not psychically and hopefully in a healthy combination of both.

Venus does meet with Neptune a little bit more than once a year, but not right after a New Moon conjoining Neptune AND a Mercury Retrograde back to NEPTUNE... As has happened over the last several weeks.

We are in for a majestic blessing, or we are in for a grand delusion. Have we kept our feet on the ground, waited it out and self reflected into the void of creation while Mercury did its thing?

Is it a deep dive mirage, a marriage of body and spirit, a mystical experience, a daydream of the imaginative nature of the psyche, a potion of amazing grace and boundaryless vision?


Yes, it is.

Is it timely now to be in a determined negotiation, a business transaction, a signing of a legal document, or creating a commitment of vagueness and of chance?

For most, No!

If you are unveiling a smikering, cheating, lying, black magician of sorts, then Yes, go right ahead. Claim the deceit that was casted upon you and regain your power of just and correct vision!

This week's timely energies is a great and wonderful maze that we are all swimming through. Where surprising revelations, long awaited clarity and the spiritual blessing, were measured by our recent truth and choice. Did we aim towards the higher frequencies tested and (hopefully) mastered, as of late? For some Yes! For others No.

The saying that, "God helps those who help themselves" (couldn't be any more appropriate at this time), to reaching the dimensions of the Higher Self, for it (Higher Self) will not reach downwardly into the realms of the forbidden and mundane or profane, and rob us of our opportunity to raise through the clouds of deception. No, that is for us to show ourselves.