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"Illusions of Truth 2019 RETRO Part 2". JUPITER RX in SAGITTARIUS (April - August 2019) Yo

JUPITER'S RETRO in SAGITTARIUS APRIL - AUGUST 2019 WEBINAR. "Illusions of Truth 2019 RETRO Part 2". The Big Gas Giant 'Jupiter' has once again started his retrograde phase... However, this time Jupiter is retrograding in its home sign of Sagittarius! Unlike last year, when Jupiter's retrograde was through the sign of Scorpio! Unleashing massive darkness that we collectively and individually hide or run away from, for most of the time, at least. It is safe to say, that we survived last year's intense Jupiter Retro in Scorpio!

This year's Jupiter retrograde will be much more appealing, and the discoveries joyful and expansive in all ways! This is a true retrograde to look forward to, so go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, open the windows and doors of your mind and allow the sense of adventure to reignite you in all ways!

The truth is that a piece of the puzzle went unnoticed, and we will now have the opportunity to recapture that sense of free-spirited and bountiful nature.

This Jupiter retrograde will bring us back in time, to earlier this year beginning from this past January and up until just recently, as early as April 2019. We will be attracting newer perspectives during this revisit, as Jupiter will bring us back to these energies, interactions and opportunities!

Check your birth chart for any degrees between 24º-14º in any of the three fires signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). These aspects in astrology can prove extremely supportive in spontaneous, creative expressions of a renewed fire into action, vision and fun. If, in your chart you have 24º-14º in any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), expect to have a significant change that may come to you through a tense dynamic. These aspects could strongly require a shape-shifting and adaptive quality in you to come into high demand!

Jupiter will station to go Direct at 14º of Sagittarius by mid August, then begins to go direct as it moves 'out of its shadow' before once again reaching the 24thº of Sagittarius.

During that time, planet Neptune will also have initiated its retrograde phase from 18º-15º of Pisces...

The well known "2019 Jupiter-Neptune Square"

Neptune, however will only do Direct by the time that Jupiter has come out of its shadow and is ready to enter Capricorn! But more on that towards the end of the year...

For now... We will focus on the deep insights and opportunities of perhaps previously missed joys and adventures, to be recaptured and experienced in a way that allows our minds and consciousness to expand beyond. Exploring into foreign lands, cultures, friendships, travels or simple to deeply questioning the truth of our realities.

Stay tuned for Saturn's late April retrograde phase from 20º-13º of Capricorn.



APRIL ASTROLOGY FORECAST Sign Quotes & Subscription Option! Check out this intro Video for April Astrology with Magali.

Aries : "Wake up, shake up, you're on a new life path, karma dissolved."

Taurus : "Spiritual path calls, changes in your beliefs, so you can evolve."

Gemini : "Passions fire up, discovering new goal initiation, clears limitations."

Cancer : "Emotional truth in you, connects to spirit, to walk a new path."

Leo : "Softness comes to you, healing you day-to-day in a new way."

Virgo : "Veil has been lifted, you create anew, exploring the mind too."

Libra : "Relations are pointing back to you, changes in your comforts soon."

Scorpio : "Letting go of old contracts of your mind, new sweet love arrives."

Sagittarius : "Creation sparks are new, your old values reveal something new."

Capricorn : "Your mind is morphing, as you dissolve who you've always been."

Aquarius : "Big karma clears away slowly, your foundation is shifting deeply."

Pisces : "Your love is true to be yourself, standing tall in a new vision."




In Radical Love, Magali~


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