This Week in Astrology! Full Moon & Sun Uranus Surprise!

Get ready for some personal tides to turn in relationships this week as dynamics surface in the completion of this cycle. Fairness and justice are two key points to this week's upcoming Full Moon in Libra. Where we have luck with our karma and love, may this bring a point of balance, where balance may have been lacking. Let us not forget that this is the second consecutive Full Moon in Libra! May Justice rein in through the Illumination of this beautifully revealing moon.

The day after this Full Moon in Libra, we will see the Sun arriving in the sign of the Bull, Taurus.

Back in mid February, planet Mars had entered Taurus. This can give us an indication of the energetic influence that we can expect as now the Sun moves in. A much more powerful force in the timely awakening for Taurus!

Stay with me here.....

Because the day after the Sun arrives in Taurus it connects to planet Uranus! And that can only be an unexpected and perhaps somewhat 'disturbing' surprise that rocks your world, or at the very least, shakes this up! For some lucky ones of you out there, this can bring an unconventional grin or smile to your face!

Check your birth chart to see if you have any planets in opposition to the early degrees of Taurus (Scorpio 0º-4º), or in a square to this (Leo and Aquarius 0º-4º). If so, according to the astrology, change is Yours to experience and to keep!

Roughness and tension are usually strongly involved in this astrological energy signature. Knowing that ahead of time can save your some potentially unnecessary resistance and sabotage.

Here is the breakdown....

Uranus and the Sun, within two days, after the Full Moon in Libra comes through to make a powerful illumination of necessary, yet uncomfortable change! In your birth chart, where there are planets in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), there will be a more embracing of the 'earth shaking' and 'ground breaking' support. Changes and major life adjustments are coming in quickly.

But there's more.... As if this weren't enough of a shockwave and illumination!? The personal planets Venus and Mercury, are entering the sign of Aries and landing briefly on Chiron.

Bing, bang, boom!