Astrology Readings with Magali are Now Available!

Get Inspired & Empowered with your astrology chart reading.

With several options available to you, you'll find what fits your needs...

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These options are one-on-one recorded sessions with Magali.

Fingerprint Of The Soul...

Helping to clarify your personality traits and your soul's life-purpose in this one-on-one session. This live session is a great way to begin your astrology journey!

Stars Now & You...

In this Q&A-Style live sessions, you have time to ask the questions regarding significant situations in your life, relationships and career NOW & in the Upcoming Transits!

Couple's Chart...

Detailed 'relational' aspects helps to clarify your personality traits individually and as a couple to reveal your relational soul purpose.


In this session, Magali sends you a reading of your chart with the current astrology transits.

Chart Update...

This pre-recorded video tutorial is emailed to you, and is without a live consultation. Expect to receive a specific reading of the current planetary alignment and how the energies are affecting you right now!

In Radical Love,