YOUR CLEAR HEART BRINGS LIFE TO COURAGE & TO LOVE! NEW MOON LEO : VENUS SQUARE A bright FIRE TRINE illuminates the path with Courage, Truth and Pride! This New Moon in Leo begins the month of August. Leo is the sign of grand gestures of love and creativity, where our wildest joy is shared.

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Courage in loving with the NEW MOON LEO : VENUS SQUARE URANUS

The limited self into fullness, through our ability to play with life.

Venus sits nearby, adding vibrations of attraction!


New Loves are sure to arise, in the eyes of the lovers who love to love. The square to Uranus in Taurus was first delivered last month with Mars. Now the Sun steps in, with the Moon behind... Hidden love and powerful expression may be of a surprise.

Conflicts too can happen when personalities are un-yielding, when neithers' will, will bend. So stay true to your ground. A 'power' will come around. Changing the ground where you stand.


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In Radical Love,