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New Moon Libra Video! YouTube Webinar

SEPTEMBER 28th NEW MOON IN LIBRA is opposing Chiron in Aries while squaring Saturn and South Node in Capricorn, with Mercury and Venus in the later degrees of Libra, here is the second 'libra-capricorn square' this one to Pluto in Capricorn. Two weeks late in mid October, the FULL MOON IN ARIES opposed by the sun and mars in Libra will be in a direct square to Pluto!

The Massive Solar Flare of September 26-29th will certainly have its impact on the psyche of all awakened self-initiates. We have a three week window of time when intensities of the inner wound and its reflection in our lives and environment will be made perfectly reflective for us to see.

Black Moon Lilith and Neptune are finally exact in Pisces and assisting us into the realm of 'Truth' found within the Akashic Records Library. We've come to see, to know, to understand, 'our ways'. Friction will increase as the cardinal cross of change and initiation settles into place. We can use that created charge to implement the change that is called of us, from within the Truth of the Akashic Records as it is replicated through the Torus Field of our wound reality for us to see!

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