Come Study Your Soul Path Astrology in November!

Applied Astrology is an online course for those wishing to deepen their understanding of astrology and how it applies to every day life for Soul Evolution!

Receive and explore your own birth chart, view the supportive study material that guides you into the basic 1, 2, 3's & a, b, c's of a 'natural astrology' charting and diagramming.

You'll have access to the video resources for your basic step-by-step visual chart guidelines, such the twelve house meanings, sun sign and planetary rulerships. Get started in understanding the concept of astrology chart viewing.

Each week, receive your birth chart along with the digram of the week's major current transit overlay. You'll have the real-time astrology lens to look through, with supportive home study video study material for that week! Everything you need to explore the language of astrology, discover the messages of your Soul Path, and this amazing tool of self empowerment!

Here's how to sign up!

1) Choose the day of the week that fits in your schedule, if you're planning on attending the 'scheduled classroom' group, which are offered in several different weekday tracks.

2) If you wish to attend 'On Your Own' and not in a scheduled weekly classroom, sign up for 'On Your Own' and go through the material on your own weekly timeline.

3) Click here for you registration information!

Still not Subscribed to your Month Ahead Astrology Forecasting?!

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Soul Path Astrology for November!

In Radical Love,


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