November 'Soul Path Astrology' Energy Predictions!

Hi! I hope you've all had a wonderful New Moon in Scorpio discovery! More is to come from it, trust me! We are almost finished with the month of October, which promised to be very powerful in all things relational! Now, we enter November, and we do so with a key... a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio!

Each month I create astrology & energy forecasting videos for each Sun Sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini... etc). The video focuses on that specific sun sign with relation to the upcoming astrology transits for the month, meaning, how the planets are affecting us, how they are 'dancing' around in the sky above, according to the paradigm of Astrology.

We take a 'look into' with special attention and focus placed on the 'personal planets' (Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc), the New Moon and Full Moon, the major transits of the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, etc), which have a broader, more outer-life influence...

In essence, we are given a theatrical celestial metaphor as a guide for our spiritual understanding and healing for the here and now.

This 'looking into' enables us to have a deeper connection with the celestial energies and how we come to co-create in our personal lives, affecting the world we live in, our more immediate relationships, and how we choose to see and understand the events happening around us.

Healing, self-awareness and spiritual guidance are the keys to the 'monthly astrology & energy forecasting' and are intended in support of your Soul Path journey here on earth.

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These videos and the messages they contain are meant to be listened to as an art of Celestial Divination. Please allow yourself the space and time to listen, absorb and reflect on the messages given in each video. The act of journaling, is a wonderful tool to use in collaboration with listening to the video messages.

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