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Initiate Yourself this December! Shamanism & Seasonal Astrology Awakening.

New beginnings can only happen with the rightful and sacred passage through which closures and endings are a part of.

In honor of those moments in life when change happens, in those who have passed on from our lives, in those life events that have brought endings to us, great or small, that have changed our lives forever. We honor you!

This group gathering is intended to be experienced as a small intimate setting

of Souls coming together to have a profound healing experience together. Holding sacred space for each other, through the teachings of energy awareness, astrology, deep personal awakening and subtly connections to the elements.

Here's what's involved & what you can expect to participate in!

Embracing Transition Ceremony...

Setting Tone for our time together and for Winter.

December Astrological Energy Forecast...

Seeing the climate of the astrology for the upcoming season & eclipses!

Reflective Group Work in Sacred Sharing...

We are all in this together, we come together, sit together & heal together.

Breathwork Shamanic Journeying...

Integration through exercises in conscious breathing, shamanic journeying & greater energetic self awareness!

This December, is the Winter Soul Path Initiation...

Each Season throughout the coming year, we will be setting and stepping into these seasonal Initiations...


At a Private Residence in the Smokey Mountains of

North Carolina, Waynesville, NC.


Participation Contribution $222.

Reserve your space with a $100 non-refundable deposit. Space is Limited!​

Sessions & Hiking:

Pre-scheduled one-on-one bodywork sessions are available on

Thursday & Friday; December 12th & 13th. Pricing for sessions are additional.

Weather permitting, will be optional and voluntary hike on Monday, December 16th

for those who wish to stay the extra day, post workshop.

Find out more!

All details by clicking on the image above, or here on the link.

Call me today if you are interested in joining this group!

Let's have a chat by phone and go over the details

and any question you might have.


To Register call Magali 305.619.1532

or email

In Radical Love,


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