December News for You!

ASTROLOGY TODAY! 👁 Streamlining will be key to being able to experience this transit for the next twelve months. Jupiter in Capricorn will give us many opportunities to prove ourselves, to ourselves. It will come with a bag of challenges, that's for certain. But that's what the year 2019 was preparing us for. Today THE MOON is in PISCES and this will be a reminder to have FAITH in the SPIRITUAL WALK of LIFE. We are in the Capricorn influence of JUPITER, VENUS, SOUTH NODE, SATURN, PLUTO & ECLIPSES. THIS IS clearing 500 - 800 years of tradition and misuse of POWER, that must change and that will change. If it's not in your SOUL's PUREST PURPOSE, let it Go and move On in 2020!

Jupiter in Capricorn