Full Moon Gemini & Your Sun Sign Mantra!

This is going to be a cleverly significant Full Moon, as they all are; but this one shows us a beginning sneak peek of what the upcoming Nodal shift of 2020 into the Gemini - Sagittarius axis line will usher in. And it will all come down to how we think! Particularly about something that has had a significant 'hold' on our mental position in our thoughts, and in our beliefs. There is a significant need to change how we think about something, how we see and and therefore how we express ourselves.

Below, you'll find your Sun Sign or/& Rising Sign Mantra~! Consider the phrase in a meditative state and ponder its meaning for you.


"Contracts, documents, and all things to sign... Oh my! Double-read what you sign."


"Money comes through new people you know and new voices can also bestow you to grow."


"Consider your thoughts and what you say these days, You and Yourself are wide-eyed and with open ears."


"Consider the quiet voice, your dreams, your prayers. Some may be thinking deeply about you, without your knowing."


"Consider the conversations with the friendships you entertain, a new way of communicating is on its way."


Consider the work opportunities you come across, and new studies to build your new skills."


"Consider socializing in new classroom, the air is full of possibilities to explore and flirt."


"Deep conversations will have you considering exploring, something may not sit right, at first sight."


"Other people and your significant relationships take the mic, listen up, you'll be inspired."


"Doctor's visits and appointments for work, your daily schedule could just burst."


"Sweet love and romance, your heart flutters, conversations light your fire maybe from afar."


"Home sweet home, so much to consider, your state of mind with family could ignite restless nights."

Enjoy the preciousness of the new energies ushering in.... slowly, deeply. Allowing for plenty of mental room to consider our new thoughts.

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In Radical Love,


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