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You are Invited, and a friend too!

Journey into 2020 with Clarity of Soul Power in this Life's Purpose! Acknowledging Your Power from the Soul of Creation.

About this Event

"Inside the Eclipse Window" Meditation & Activation

We end the year, and begin the new decade "Inside The Eclipse Window". In this 90 minute gathering, you will receive the long-distance group activation during the Guided 5th Dimensional Meditation. In harnessing and processing the powerful energy and spiritual transmision that we are currently; collectively and individually experiencing during our time here on earth now. We prepare, adjust and intend into this next Soul-Life Cycle Wave! The Soul and spiritual work we are doing now in our lives and in our communities is for generations to come. (Pluto, Saturn, South Node, Jupiter : Capricorn).

Following the Guided 5th Dimensional Crystalline Core Meditation is a live Q&A session with Magali and the participants. Contribute your question during the gathering at the 'signaled time' via a telephone call-in number which will be given to you during the gathering.

It is strongly recommended to bring your journal, crystals, and other 'objects of power' to the gathering. Participation in the Gathering will be conducted via a Zoom Conference Video Classroom. However, for energetic purposes, the 'video option' will be turned OFF for the presenter and participants, with only the 'audio option' for presenter activated and turned ON. This is done to assist in the transmission and group privacy during our time together. The AUDIO recording of this gathering will only be activated ON during the Live Meditation, and will be turned OFF during the Live Q&A, again to insure the privacy of the participants and the energetic container of this session.

The cost is $22, and this allows you to invite a friend for free!

Registrations submitted AFTER 4pm est on Saturday, December 28th, due to timing, will not have the option of inviting a friend for free.

Please remember that if you would like to contribute a question during the Live Q&A segment, that a telephone number will be given to you at the allotted time. This is the number for participants to call-in and 'be heard on the call'.

I look forward to being of service and welcome your participation.


"We are all in this together, we are the ones we've been waiting for!"

[Once you Register here through Eventbrite, an email will be sent to your inbox with the ZOOM Classroom Link. To access the Zoom Conference Link, you will need to Register. If you are inviting a friend for free, instructions are given to how to submit their email/name.]



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