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Impeachment Prediction & 2020. My 8 Point Astrology Chart Guide!

Catch this morning's Youtube Video Broadcast (link is below)! I give my prediction about tomorrow's Impeachment House Vote. I could be in the "wrong", and MOST ASTROLOGERS WON'T GIVE YOU THEIR PREDICTIONS FOR FEAR OF THEIR REPUTATIONS, but let's take a look at the Astrology Charts of both Donald Trump and the United States and see what they say!

Below are both charts with the transit date for December 18th 2019. Notice the connection between these charts with the eight listed variables.

1) US North Node & T's PLUTO (LEO).

2) Transiting NN and T's Mercury & US's Jupiter-Venus (CANCER).

3) The upcoming NN in Gemini in T's 10th house & US's 7th/6th houses!!! 2020-2022.

4) US's Mars in Gemini at 21º is on T's Sun & NN. Remember that Gemini 'wars' with the mind, and not with ammunition.

5) Both the US & T's Uranus placements are in Gemini: T's@17º Gemini and US's@8º. North node will be here in the 15º-0º of Gemini in 2021. This story is not over.

6) Venus entering Aquarius soon, US's SN & T's POF (Part Of Fortune).

7) Uranus in Taurus T's 9th House; 'International Finances & Resources' Tarifs, etc. Change/Chaos/Mishandlings. Jupiter Capricorn 5th House; his creative project. Fits in with the US's 1st-5th houses.

8) Transiting Mercury US's Ascendent & T's SN (SAGITTARIUS) in T-Square to Pisces Neptune/BML >> The lies will come out, but is it enough to Impeach?

No, it's not. My Astrological Prediction says, 'No Impeachment!' the astrology shows No! The Chart also shows another 'Presidential Term' coming with T's 10th house Gemini and his 'North Nodal Return'. (*)He may not complete it though.

Like him or not. Agree to Disagree. Here are the Astrology Charts. Let's keep our eyes and minds open, see how the reality of this situation plays itself out tomorrow!

And there are more hidden lies, hidden motives and hidden truths way out there in every corner of the government(s).

My intent here is to show the astrology, in the understanding that this is an extremely 'polarizing' energy in our nation, and in our personal lives and opinions. My hope is to bring to you more awareness and to together discover what is happening in our History through this current event.

Be well my brothers and sisters! Much Love!

The Chart of the United States of America

The USA Chart for 12.18.2019

The Chart of Donald Trump

DONALD TRUMP's Chart for 12.18.2019



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