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My Love Letter to You... of Gratitude!

May this Holiday Season bring to you,

all the beauty, opportunity and peace,

your Soul and Spirit can absorb!

May this true light of the sun,

and the mysterious shimmer of the moon,

bring warm calmness and deep breath,

to your mind, so sublime.

May Venus bring here beautiful love,

to your cherished heart,

as Mars ignites passions strongly within you,

sacred fires capturing the Spirit of your art.

May mercury's message speak to you,

the words of your sought-out visions,

be them heard honestly within you,

spoken with courage, of your newly found mission.

May Jupiter reveal clearly and distinctly,

the great opportunity growing before you!

There's a knock at your front door,

that's the sound, you've been waiting for.

May Saturn and Pluto bestow upon this earth,

as kindly and as dearly, as possibly intended,

humbleness in receiving,

the illumination of the soul,

to travel forth, boldly, bravely

and yet, untold.

May Uranus with its chaotic surprises; wild and uncertain,

invoke all around you, the courage to be of pure Joy,

with all great cheer,

on its way to you, my dear.

Let not Neptune whisk you too far away,

as divine love fills your cup,

your cupeth runneth over

this Holiday Season,

in ways that bring to you,

incredible love and luck!

I wish you all a blessed Journey this Holiday Season,

I wish beauty, and love, and laughter, oh so dear!

I wish you and your loved ones, tears of joy,

and memories that glow,

with a future that shines,

like the sky's starry night.

I wish you health and wealth

for you and all earthly siblings,

neighbors and cousins.

To the Mothers and to the fathers,

holding the light of the sacred,

ancestor fires.

May your children, young and old,

be guided by light,

in such surprising of ways,

through these magical days.

I wish you a Season of Incredible Gratitude,

for all the courage and determination,

to keeping your hearts open,

as your eyes adjust,

to the new paradigm,

out on horizon's dusk.

Winter is here,

of the Northern Hemisphere....

In these longer and darker days,

Light shines brighter,

in this way!

From my heart string to yours,

we wrapt this globe,

in love and in trust.


Sat Nam


In Radical Love, Magali

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