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'Calling All Healers & People of Spiritual Power ; Aussie Fires!' Please Join Us.

Be part of a long-distance shamanic healing to help the spirit of the animals who perished in these fires and died a horrible death. There is a powerful and peaceful way to provide spiritual assistance when there has been a 'mass death', by collectively focusing our intention, our love and spiritual prayer, our joined power and focus it to the location, remotely.

This spiritual practice literally helps to release the spirits of these animals from the trauma experienced at death.

Saturday Jan 4th (3pm & 8pm est.)

Monday Jan 6th (3pm & 8pm est.)

Wednesday Jan 8th (3pm & 8pm est.)

ZOOM Registration URL

On each day, there will be two 30-60 min sessions that you can participate in Get the ZOOM LINK HERE! I, Magali will be guiding and leading these 'Psycho-pomp' sessions on these 3 days!

Join whenever you can.

Your participation is powerful.

This will be a group meditation.


Please Join me in this Service!


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