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Aussie Fires & Prayers of Protection for Spirits of the Animals.

Thank You! Thank You!

Thank You so very much for your participation in last week's call out for Shamanic Healing & Prayers for the animals who lost and are losing their lives in the Australian fires. My greatest gratitude and appreciation to all of you who heard the call, and made these prayers as powerful as they have been.

Thank you!

Below is the link to access the downloadable audio file through my second website, You'll be asked to register as a Member. Once you register as a member, you'll be in the Members' Page with access to the downloadable audio file(s). You will see one (of six) of the audio files is up on the page. The rest of the audio files will be uploaded shortly, over the course of the next few days and couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.

These prayers continue to grow as the audio is played, and listen to, by us!

Hearts open,

spirits free,

powerful call,

to be remember,

by us all.

Thank you for registering and continuing with these 'listening prayers'.

In Radical Love, Magali


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