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Happy Post Eclipse & The Power You Behold Within Your Own Soul!

Last night's partial Lunar Eclipse closes the 'Eclipse Window' that has ushered us into this New Year! The time capsule, so to speak, is closed. Eclipses are extremely significant mathematical anomalies in the distance between the earth, the sun and the moon. It is a truly mind bending occurrence. Many of the ancients, took this time to understand that eclipses indicated that significant global changes would be in the making. And that the Gods, where making plans!

However inspiring these cosmic anomalies are, when they do take place, in causing a visual impression upon our skies, their effect, come into play within cycles of time in 6 months, 18 months, 9 years and 18 years! Think back in your life to these 'cycles of time'. The last time we were in such an eclipse season with the axis between the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn, 19 years ago, when a war was being orchestrated in the middle east. By definition, cycles repeat themselves! However, we are here to either; Evolve or De-evolve. We can go up the spiral staircase, go downwardly. That!... is entirely up to us, in our own personal lives, hearts and soul's awakening!

Eighteen to nineteen years ago, the karmic nodal axis line was what it is today, in Cancer-Capricorn. Half that time, nine to ten years ago, it was in an exact flip! With the South Node in Cancer and the North Node in Capricorn. It is my truest belief that indeed the world IS evolving. And that we have, and will, avoid a 'next war', and that we will not be taking steps backwards or downwardly upon that spiral staircase. It is not to say, that we are out of the woods, nor that tensions will not continue to yo-yo in a cycle of escalation- de-escalation throughout the year, as we have just seen and experienced on a potentially global scale. It will!

Remember the biggest gift of the Neptune in Pisces sextile to Jupiter (Pisces' ancient ruler) in Capricorn is GOOD! It is the silver lining that we must focus on! God works in very mysterious of ways, and the tests of our faith and trust in the Higher plan is to be earned, and not given to us! A challenging life, sharpen you, to know yourself better. The very obvious pressures that Jupiter in Capricorn creates, are testing us with is our faith, in earning the trust and inner convictions that healing, spirit and the ultimate truth is golden!

Below is a reminder of what each sign is experiencing in this 6 month, 18 month. 9 year and 18 year cycle! Look back at your past and discover your personal soul growth with these transits! Feel empowered through the transformation that this life is giving you! You're a badass Spiritual gangster!


Evolve through your family and home life.


Evolve through your emotional expressions.


Evolve through your new appreciation in values.


You are Completely evolving Yourself!


Evolution is a force of support from beyond your known.


Evolve through emotional inspiration of your future goals.


Evolve through career and life path purpose.


Evolve through your rebirthed beliefs in yourself.


Evolve through the transformed emotional psyche.


Evolve through the healing of relationships.


Evolve through your health and daily routine work.


Evolve through your love, romance and inner child birthed.

Consider the healing possibilities in these cycles of time and reality, which you have stepped through and the power you behold within your soul!

In Radical Love, Magali


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