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A Reminder to Register

A reminder to anyone who is interested in joining this six month program, beginning this March! Registrations are open, and now is the month to sign-up.

What it is... Your spiritual and energy healing path, with supportive tools of spiritual and personal empowerment. A chance to 'go deep' into your spiritual journey over the course of six months in a sacred, profound, and deeply insightful connection with Magali, as your guide, teacher and healer.

When it is... It all starts when you register, and how you choose to register! But, we officially begin on March 1st and will finish on August 31st 2020. With weekly 'Magali' video classes (on the subjects listed above in the What it is section) that you will be viewing and practicing on your own time, in the practices of meditation, breathwork, energy healing, chakra awareness, and visualization, etc. With spiritual-psychology homework questions which you will be journaling on, and bring to your one-on-one sessions with Magali. Monthly web-classes in 5D Meditation-Activation, and in private group class reflection and sharing.

Who it is with... You have private sessions with Magali, as your spiritual life coach, you have private group classes with the chance to meet the others in this six month class. and with student-to-student homework assignments and sharing.

How you do this... You submit your Consultation Form, or call Magali by phone and have a conversation to go over all the details, and any questions you. Then you submit your agreed upon 'sliding scale monetary donation'.

Submit Consultation Form Link, or fast track it and call Magali directly at 305-619-1532

In Radical Love, Magali

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