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'PSYCHIC-SONIC' 5D Meditation-Activation 02.22.20 Register Today!

FEBRUARY'S 'PSYCHIC-SONIC' 5D Meditation-Activation with Magali.

02.22.20 7pm est

We start with the second month of the year, and begin the new decade having just passed through the eclipse window in January. Now in February the New Moon is in the sign of the Collective Unconscious Psychic-Sonic Great Dissolve Pisces!! With planet Neptune conjoining this New Moon, sextile Jupiter/pluto/Saturn in Capricorn!

In this 90-120 minute gathering, you will receive the long-distance group activation during the Guided 5th Dimensional Meditation. In harnessing and processing the powerful energy and spiritual transmission that we are currently; collectively and individually experiencing during our time here on earth now. We prepare, adjust and intend into this next Soul-Life Cycle Wave!

This awakening is personally felt, and ripples move through the collective tribe! Our resources will be in flux! Maybe earthquakes are happening literally, the 'ground beneath' our feet is moving and shaking this up in a big way!

Register here: 'PSYCHIC-SONIC'

In Radical Love, Magali

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