Tracking The Transits : March 2020

SUNDAY GROUP -or- ON YOUR OWN : Applied Astrology (6:00 pm - 8:20 pm EST)

WHAT TO PREPARE FOR : Learn more Real Time Astrology. Week-by-week discussion of the transits. Learn and Studying your own birth chart! Create community with participants in this healing forum.

KEEP UP & STAY INFORMED! All of these current aspects in the astrology chart are discussed daily during the, Weekly Forecast Videos, the Daily Download Videos, and on the Month Ahead Vimeo Subscription Channels. We will be looking at the current astrology information specific to the Astrology Climate of the current week.

BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF ASTROLOGY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You already know your sun sign, rising sign, the basic understanding of the chart 'houses' and hopefully you've already had at least one astrology reading. Also, once you register, you will have access to the three Home Study Tutorial Videos located on the Home Study Website Page, and accessible with your PassWord Key. In support of your studies, please take the time to review these Tutorial Videos. The subjects discussed are; the Houses, Signs, Glyphs & Planets. As part of your foundational knowledge for the course, please familiar yourself with this material. Thank you.

PURPOSE OF GROUP... Empower Yourself by studying and exploring this sacred language. Be part of a supportive group for inner awareness and healing. Have fun in the process and meet like-minded others who share in the journey of awakening and knowledge. Challenge yourself to learn and absorb the process of learning astrology!

This is a 'Looking Glass Experience' into one's own chart. You will be asked to share and discuss life events as they are reflected in your chart. Also, be prepared for dynamic interaction during these LIVE ONLINE CLASSROOMS. *ON YOUR OWN* *SUNDAY CLASSES*

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