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Okay! We've made some changes and this is what it looks like now. Check it out!

The Program : March 2020 Focus : "You Can't Walk Into the New World With Your Old Shoes!" So, here is your opportunity to be part of 'The Program' with 3 different options for you!

We've reformatted from the original '6 month program' into individual segments! But the whole program is still available to those who want to make the commitment and jump in 100%!

The Packages are designed to fit into anyone's budget, offers pre-recorded video classroom material to journal-on during the month, and creates community building!

Here is what it looks like now.... You can get just one video (Topic Video with 8 point questionnaire), or get all three videos (Topic Video, Shadow Video & Mantra Meditation Video), for the monthly focus of March 2020!

Then, decide if you want the package that includes two 1-on-1 sessions with Magali for the month of March. All Packages include the monthly live zoom group video classroom, scheduled on the last Wednesday of the month. Can't attend the Zoom on the last Wednesday of the Month? Not a problem! You'll have access to the audio recording.

Here are the three different package opportunities you can choose from. We begin now in March, but you can start whenever you want.

Each month, for the next six months, there will be a different theme of healing and inner-work offered through these pre-recoded video classrooms. The videos are thought provoking, knowledge and technique sharing, with plenty to journal on, self-discover. At the end of each month, the last Wednesday fo the month, we have our community building live zoom video classroom.

These three Packages are designed with flexibility in pricing, time investment and option for 1-on-1 private work.

1) Complete Monthly Package

2) Just Video 1 & Zoom Group Package

3) All Videos 1-3 & Zoom Group Package

To find out more and to Register, click on the link here:

In Radical Love, Magali


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