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A Message & Invitation.

Here we are, arrived fully into the first day of Spring 2020.

Who could have imagined what awaited us?!

Well, we are a resilient, luminous and strong Tribe!

An incredible opportunity has knocked at our front door.

An unexpected and ancient visitor has shown her face, and the signal has been ignited!

The activation in our core, is sounding like a finely tuned cosmic instrument.

The consciousness of the Tribe re-unites...

May each one of us face the coming days with safety, health and courage.

May we be well prepared and informed, clear-minded and strong hearted.


I've created a new opportunity for you to learn, and for us to connect in the month of April, for some fun, some shared Astrology information, for you and a friend!

'April's New For Beginners Astrology Course & Invite a Friend For Free Month!

I hope you will all take this opportunity to learn the basics of astrology with a friend in this month of mass self-quarantine. Let's make the best of it Together! I've also dropped the price and changed the schedule format! You can check it out here:

Here is your chance to study the basic building blocks of your natal birth chart. Learn about the houses, elements, triplicities, and simple yet significant qualities in your astrology chart and do it with a Friend in April's Invite a Friend For Free!

You'll receive a five-question-quiz each week, looking into some random points of the astrology chart, the meaning of some current transits, describing some of the building blocks of the astrology chart, qualities of planets, houses, rulerships, etc.

All information available from the Course Resource materials; the 90 minute tutorial videos (3 Tutorial Videos) and workbook.

You will have the 'password key' to access and view the pre-recorded videos on the website page for the month.

You'll be tracking the month's lunar cycle through your chart with one (or two) additional key transits for the month, trackable on the provided monthly ephemeris and home study video.

Study your astrology chart for the month along with the pre-recorded videos and join the 'end of the month' monthly (recorded) Zoom Group Meeting.

Here, you will be able to go over the month's material in a live video setting.

This month's Live Zoom Group Classroom is SUNDAY, APRIL 26th 3:00 - 4:00 pm est. Depending on how many people register, we will have our Zoom Class go for 1 or 2 hours, depending on attendance.

I've reduced the price to $45 for the month of April while mass soft self-quarantine is in effect. For all the details and to register, click on this link here:

If you are attached to the original format that meets every Sunday night for the month, you can still register here for the original April Applied Astrology Online Course: This is a much more extensive and intermediate course than the Basic Astrology.

I am planning a daily live stream video class for Meditation Breathing & Connecting....

I will have more details in the next day or two, as I figure out how to organize and set it up! This will be for anyone who wishes to join and breath together, learn yogic pranayamas and connect! It will be free of charge and an honor to facilitate and coordinate during our time of adjustment! Stay Tuned here for more on that!

The Month Ahead Astrology Videos on Vimeo for April 2020 are up and booming! If you have not yet listened to your Sun Sign and or Rising Sign astrology predictions, what are you waiting for? Check out the intro video here: Subscribe by clicking on this link here:

Youtube Video: Happy New Year : The Hero's Journey Begins Now!

Youtube Video: Spring Equinox, New Moon Aries, Karmic Nodes & The 12 Signs for You!

Thank you all for your support, be well to all!

In Radical Love, Magali

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