April News. The Program. Soul Song.

Firstly, I wish for you all a safe, strong & brave month of April as we enter never-before explored community crisis and the Healing that is being required of us all.


April : The Program : Month Two

'Why The Mask When The lIght Wants To Shine on Through?'

In this Complete Package, you have access to:

All Three Audio Guide Files

Two 60 minute Monthly Zoom Support Group Sessions

Access to the Monthly 5D Activation-Meditation

Two 1-1 private sessions with Magali

Access to the Private Facebook Group

Creative Project of Your Choice

*The first video is

the narrative of the 'Incarnating Soul & The Birth of Shame.'

*The second video takes you into

the journey of 'Traveling Through Your Holographic Self'

as your seven chakras are used as gateways.