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'SOLUTION ARRIVES - VIRGO NEW MOON!' The solution you've been preparing for, is discovered during this New Moon in Virgo. With analytical precision and a good dose of spiritual faith, all is available for us to see.

The balance between our dream and the actuality of manifesting it, is the quest! Patience and prayer are required, to understand the timing of all of which is to come.

This New Moon at Virgo 25º is creating a perfect earth Trine to Saturn Rx at 25º of Capricorn! (A much better energy than last month's new Moon in exact Inconjunt to Saturn!) However, the New Moon is now 'not friendly' to Mars Rx and Black Moon Lilith in Aries.

So, consider this a time to slow it down, so you can see what needs to change within yourself, to use the powers of precision correctly and become self assertive in creating the solution that is truly correct for the path up ahead.