A Miraculous Week in Personal Healing in FAITH.

If you see the astrology chart below... You'll see that the Sun is located in between planets Jupiter and Neptune; what I'm calling the 'Pisces Portal'. This is an extremely rare alignment to have now these three planets together in Pisces! All the time, this Pisces Portal is in a beautifully supportive sextile (1/2 trine) to planet Uranus and to the North Node both in Taurus.

The healing powers of Neptune in spiritual love are showering upon the pastures of fruitful manifestations in love and wellness; ruled by planet Venus. Keep in mind and in heart that this awakening of love in Taurus will come through radical groundbreaking disturbance and unexpected energies that are truly different from what we have known (Uranus).

Oftentimes this type of energy coming through can be very destabilizing and can create uncertainty and inner fear. Taurus is the Body, YOUR BODY. Planet Uranus (ruler to Aquarius) in Taurus is the nervous system, YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM. The Pisces Portal is the waters within the body, mostly found in the central nervous system as the cerebrospinal fluids traveling up and down your spine between the cranium and the coccyx/sacrum. The Holy Baptism happens within the Body's Nervous System surrounded within the encasement of Holy Waters. This is the sextile from Pisces to Taurus.