Astrology Forum March 5th 7pm (EST)

Register for the Monthly Astrology Forum with Magali! and participate in the conversation in the analysis of the astrology transits, reading the language of God in the Firmament, and the beautifully powerful Awakening in Mankind!


Come be part of this exciting time in astrology!

The FORUM is a place for us to come together in a dialogue and reflection on the astrology transits, asking deeper questions about the meaning of astrology, witnessing together the powerful influence and healing! I will be showing the screen-share of the current astrology chart with color diagramming, and group discussion.

1) In the monthly Forum we will look at Real-Time Astrology Aspects in an open discussion and casual teaching environment for all participants.

2) The lecture-portion of the class is video-recorded and shared after class with all participants.

The Month of March is an exciting time for personal Love to develop in our lives and in radical global reset financially and spiritually! We pray for peace in the world and we do our part at a soul level to transmute inner darkness, ignorance, fear and lack of faith into the fires of God's Grace and physical deliverance for the protections of all beings. humans and souls.