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Astrology Update for You This Week!

Astrology is such an fascinating body of knowledge, I think we can all agree! Thank you all for your ongoing support over the years and months on my website and youtube channel. As many of you have witnessed some of my very personal transformational 'Plutonian' and 'Uranian' struggles over the years with the passing of my father, to the Holy miracle and blessing of myself as a newlywed. I thank you all deeply and personally for your compassionate hearts, your patience with me at times when I was struggling with delivering the astrology, to your humanitarian faith when I lacked it in myself and was questioning the meaning of my purpose, of God in my life and of my work with astrology and healing. Thank you for your support over the past years and months. Thank you for your patience and understanding. My love for astrology has become more grounded in Faith, and a beautiful peacefulness is emerging in myself more and more as the days and months go by. I am so grateful for it all and I believe in the miraculous nature of God's goodness and the joy we are all intended on experiencing in this life, and with one another.

Astrology can be a profound tool and language to better understanding the path God has for us here on earth. The challenges which life brings to us, the personality developments and inner workings from shadow and pain to grace and peace, which is the Hero's Journey can all be seen, read and understood in the astrology chart. Reading a chart does not take away one's free will necessarily, and the question of free will truly is a spiritual and psychologically provocative debate and discussion to have. Such as times as we are in now, with the Eclipse Window about to close during the Full Moon on May 5th. How much free will, do we exert and how is it connected to the will of God or of the Divine Order? Is not the Soul's Path already written in the books, only the journey and discoveries are left to the personality to discover the its path to Love? Is not our destiny calling us regardless of our choices? Life is only fully understood in the rearview mirror, on the deathbed and beyond. Why are some born with grace, while others need to climb out of hellish ditches to call out for grace, while still others never seem to find it?

This is a time of great change, can you feel it in your skin, hair and guts? What if there were a Perfected Creation already existing that all we needed to be was present and willing to simply be where we are, trusting the path, taking measured actions in Faithful guidance. The 'Inheritance' is not always 'kind'... Are we not here to assist through our own lives the removal, the breaking of the chains of the past curses on humanity, in our families and in our own psyches that prevents us from living the life of a Perfected Creation? How much of the Dark Inheritance are we being asked to let go of right now in our personal life? Judgments, criticisms, fears, pain, pattern of sabotage, isolations or manipulations, to name a few.

Do we unknowingly perpetuate theses curses? Is not the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio a place when the snake grows out of its skin, is not the evolutionary process to turn mere and mortal men into Eagles? Scorpio in the chart is where we hide pain, and with Pluto (Ruler of Scorpio) in Aquarius at zero degree; there is a Cosmic Wave of Impulsive Consciousness Change. Pluto will teeter between the last degrees of Capricorn and the zero degree of Aquarius for over eighteen months! NOW is the Scorpio-Pluto Ruled ECLIPSE! There is courage in the Path destined to be our own. There is a future which will deem the present and past unrecognizable. Both is horrors for humanity and in blessings of innovative expressions of love and freedom.

See you this Saturday for Astrology Class@12pm EST after Yoga/Exercise Class ;-)

Below is the Astrology Class Questionnaire offered every week for the studies in astrology.

With two LIVE classes each week, on Mondays@1pm and *most Saturdays @12:00 pm EST, I hope that you will join us in the Live Astrology Classes offered as part of your Astrology Memberships on Patreon!

You can view the FULL RECORDED LIVE ASTROLOGY CLASS VIDEOS through the Applied Astrology (Tier 2) and on Awakening Studies (Tier 4). The Basic Building Blocks (Tier 1) has the first portion of the LIVE ASTROLOGY CLASS RECORDING; allowing students to focused on the transit of the moon through the week and in support of students who are beginning their journey to learning their own astrology chart. Intermediate students are encouraged to join Applied Studies or the Awaken Studies where in addition to the basic studies, the entire weekly transits are looked at. All are welcomed to the LIVE Astrology Classes offered weekly.

More detailed information on Patreon Memberships here

See you this Saturday for Astrology Class@12pm EST after Yoga/Exercise Class ;-)

Personal Astrology Readings are also available.

In Radical Love, Magali

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