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August Mid-Month 'Let The Spirit of Chaos Pass Over Your House' The Child is Innocent & Needs Love.

We find ourselves this summer season in the midst of a potentially increased inner struggle and chaos as certain personal tensions could be increasing significantly. What is being provoked within us, either via direct or indirect causes from our environment or relationships needs to be addressed, but how? A great dramatic passion is being exposed (Leo), and the darkness of her majesty Black Moon Lilith can easily take the heart (of leo) and poisons it. Think Medusa; or any 'Warrior Goddess'. This New Moon in Leo can feel very powerfully justified in saving one's inner kingdom from a perceived threat; All Knights on Horseback and ready for the justified fight!

But be weary the spell of distrust in shameful regrets. The Child is innocent and none can escape the nature of humanity. For darkness lurks not without ourselves, but from deep within. Blindness from pride and all that is beautiful will fall to the wayside, if we do not proceed with caution. Let the inner kingdom of pride crumble from within as we reach in prayer to the true love of God. Venus retrogrades in her 'fall' to her knees; not a pretty sight for many to see. Past hurts and betrays are most definitely triggered these days, but not for evil's sake. Revenge or justified angers could be pointing us towards a course correction of deeper compassion and forgiveness, with a merciful heart as the result, and what in this Life and in this world could be better... Not seeking anything else in return but the gift of God's peace where once inner hurts lurked. Could it be possible?

August 16th New Moon is at Leo 23* with Black Moon Lilith, Venus retrograde and Juno in Leo. The Leo New Moon is in a exact square to Uranus in Taurus, again indicating the 'turning point around the corner' which predominates this month's astrology aspects. (View full forecasts on the Month Ahead Astrology Videos available on your Patreon Astrology Memberships.)

Aries: Beginning a new cycle in (5th House) your love life and strong creativity heals the heart.

Taurus: Beginning new in (4th House) affairs of the home with a project, family outing or restructuring proves healing.

Gemini: Beginning new in (3rd House) reviewing past conversations with new eyes could clear the air.

Cancer: Beginning new in (2nd House) with money returning to you, paying off a loan or revisiting a past interest.

Leo: Beginning new in (1st House) your revised self assessment brings deep personal healing with Grace.

Virgo: Beginning new in (12th House) heartfelt healing to 'waters under the bridge' and a release of past possible resentments.

Libra: Beginning new in (11th House) creative endeavors which unifies you to those of common vision for your future.

Scorpio: Beginning new in (10th House) the possible return of past work and career ambitions for today's successes.

Sagittarius: Beginning new in (9th House) past studies and life skill training proves beneficial.

Capricorn: Beginning new in (8th House) health, wealth and all financial investments bringing a valuable return.

Aquarius: Beginning new in (7th House) a most significant relationship becomes key importance to you.

Pisces: Beginning new in (6th House) your personal heart, health and any daily ambition successfully.


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