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September Month Ahead Forecasts!

As the Month of August comes to a close, we have had a new moon in Virgo the sign Mercury will be retrograding backwards into in September, and is Virgo's ruling planet making this Mercury retrograde significantly strong.

The Mercury Retrograde from ibra will have Mercury opposing Jupiter three times and Neptune will be the exact opposition to Mercury's 'stationing to go direct' point at 24 Virgo. There will be penty on the table for consideration, analysis and new opportunities for meetings and face to face engagements.

The Full Moon in Pisces mid month creates a powerful mystically healing and deeply emotional Grand Water Trine to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and to the South Node in Scorpio! There will be plenty of subtle yet profound inner realizations of what moves us or what used to move us at subconscious levels and how the spiritual healing washes away the past feelings of hurt and misuse of psychological hidden power.

The New Moon in Libra and the arrival of Venus in Libra by month's end promises a beautiful array of achieved balance in our relationships, with deeper understanding of our own role in solving problems, creating more peace within our agreements and contracts.

With almost all planets in a retrograde movement or in the shadow territory of an upcoming retrograde; we will find ourselves 'catching our breaths' digesting the events, actions and decisions of the past several months. The 'Accordion of Time' Uranus Retrograding will give us the sense of 'warped time' as our past unfolds and reveals hidden treasures of destiny.

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In Radical Love, Magali

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