Eclipses, The Spirit & Incarnating Into a New Life!

Welcoming New Energies in this First Set of Eclipses; taking place on the Taurus-Scorpio Axis Line, the 1920's revisit of the Piscean Spiritual Era has been set in motion, and thirdly, we are getting ready for planets Mars and Jupiter to conjoin in Aries this May! See what it means for you and how you can prepare for exciting and new beginnings!

Join us May 7th @7pm EST for the Monthly Astrology Forum.

The Astrology Forums are a LIVE Zoom meeting in conversation of the month's upcoming transits and our Soul Evolutionary Path. The Forums are recorded LIVE, each participant receives the video recording post event. All students on one of the three Astrology Patreon Tiers are automatically admitted to the Live Class via the zoom link provided in the Patreon Tier, and will have the ability to view the recording post event on their Astrology Patreon Tier. <<< Register HERE!

These next sets of Solar & Lunar Eclipses are taking place on

April 30th 2022 (Solar Eclipse in Taurus) & May 16th 2022 (Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio).

October 25th 2022 (Solar Eclipse in Scorpio) & October 25th 2022 (Lunar Eclipse in Taurus).

April 20th 2023 (Solar Eclipse in Aries) & May 5th 2023 (Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio).

Each on of us is going through a type of soul adjustments in our Venusian, Marsian & Plutonian aspects in our personal astrology charts and in gaining a deeper understanding of our lives' soul paths.

A little History...

*In 1917 both Pluto & Saturn were in the Sign of Cancer (the Sun Sign of the US); when the US sent two million troops to Europe to fight in WW1.

*While one hundred years ago; in 1922, planet Pluto at the beginning of Cancer and the US was beginning to display its new born power in the Western World. Planet Neptune made its way into mid Leo and the music, arts and dance world lite up the scene in High social circles, while planet Uranus was in mid Pisces with the awakening of spiritulism in the Western World exploded into the collective.

*The Great Depression of 1929-1940 took place with Saturn ingressed Capricorn, Neptune ingressed Virgo and Pluto in mid Cancer. The Nodes were in the Taurus-Scorpio Axis Line. Uranus was in Aries, ingressed Taurus in 1935. Notice the current similarity in the 2019 Capricorn Brigade with Saturn in Capricorn, notice the current direct opposition with Neptune now in Pisces, and the current direct opposition with Pluto now in Capricorn.

*WW2 began in 1939 with the North Node in Scorpio, opposing the South Node in Taurus with Uranus, Pluto had just ingressed Leo. In 1944 Saturn and the North Node in Cancer when the US ended WW2. in 1947 Saturn caught up with Pluto at Leo 15 degrees. Notice the current opposition with Saturn now in Aquarius and the upcoming Pluto ingressing Aquarius.

In other words...

We are entering a global (and personal) significant astrological oppositions (180 degrees) in the time from 1917-1940 to now, and in the nearing future. Tables are turning and karma is being served in order to equalize and neutralize various global (and personal) soul contracts on earth. We may not have power over the way Global affairs are about to unfold both in the financial global system or on the geopolitical chess boardgame. But we are responsible for our preparedness, inner peace and lifepath choices.