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Grand Water Trine Update This Week & Post Eclipse Energies has us all Wiggling a tiny bit, or more.

Check out this week's Grand Water Trine from Venus entering Cancer, to South Node in Scorpio, to Saturn in Pisces. Not only that, but by week's end double the Water Trine with Mars in Cancer to Neptune in Pisces! Below is this Week's Questionnaire!

Powerful Healing energies are available to us now and this is a sigh of relief post Eclipse Season! Saturn and Venus creating part this water trine, is full of Grace and a reminder that indeed we have come a long way over the past thirty years! If we are being hard on ourselves, maybe ask if it is helping at all? Because we are also coming to a reality check that is sobering and required.

Not all that we have aspired to in life has manifested for us, not all that we had imagined which we may have believed should be our road to victory has come to be, and not all that was promised was indeed delivered to us. And good for that!

This is part of the necessary Saturn in Pisces process of humility and humbleness. Venus in Cancer will touch on this in our homes, families and personal sense of wellbeing. Mars who is also currently in the sign of Cancer is creating his own water trine to Pisces ; to planet Neptune. Neptune ruler of Pisces is reaching the end of the rope as it nears the 27th degree, before jumping into Aries on March 31st 2025. I know this seems a long ways to go. But not really, it is only less than two years away.

It is good to make peace with our lives, especially in those places where we misunderstand or fail to accept things as they are. This is especially a good time to make peace with the power greater than 'self' and the perhaps less than desirable past past home life, family circumstances and personal emotional convictions. The South Node in Scorpio is aiding in this Recovery Phase; in sucking out and clearing the ways of the past, like a vacuum extracting psychological hangups, complexes and 'curses'.

There is much to be hopeful about and many treasures yet discovered. Staying steady, clear and gracious are key! There will be unexpected bumps and challenging energies to process in our lives, families, and in a path we choose to take, but all in an effort to show us something new about love, humanity and God.


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The Basic Building Blocks of Astrology and the Video of the week's moon movements & transits.

Basic Building Blocks Transit Chart for the week of May 8th 2023


The Applied Studies of Astrology explore the Video of with complete planetary alignments for the week.

Applied Studies Transit Chart for the week of May 8th 2023


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Below is the Astrology Class Questionnaire offered every week for the studies in astrology.

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See you this Saturday for Astrology Class@12pm EST after Yoga/Exercise Class ;-)

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In Radical Love, Magali

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