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January - March 2023 The Big Changes in Our Lives & We Are Pushed Into New Territories!

Things to consider as we enter the New Year of 2023... The Astrology shows us that intensities in Soul Growth opportunities are at the top of the list this new year! Of course the biggest news of 2023 is the arrival of planet PLUTO into the sign of Aquarius! Not to worry, we have been well prepared and 'groomed' for this major life change since the arrival of Jupiter with Saturn at zero degree of Aquarius back on December 20th 2020! Now it's Pluto's turn.

Although the Planet known as the Lord of the Underwold, where all is destroyed only to reveal the darkness we may not be able to rid ourselves of, Pluto ushers us into a powerful future of societal reform, awakening and the destruction of the old ways. We may not have any control over the external global world affairs, but we do have a sense of free-will as we move through these very 'unknown territories' within our ways of living in our personal lives.

As mentioned above, look at the development of your very personal soul's journey from any darkness into the light and love of God since the Star of Bethlehem (Jupiter and Saturn) arrived in Aquarius at zero degree at the end of 2020. The sign of Aquarius is the sign of our future, the future of humanity which Pluto will show the darker side of Ai and digital social economic control over people and communities through the false flag manufacture of our global energy and fuel crisis. More on this in the coming year and in 2024 when Pluto ingresses Aquarius 'for good'.


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In January 2023 and through to March we prepare for planet Mars to finally station to go Direct in Gemini and make its way through the sign for a third and final times as it reaches its original point of retrograde (Gemini 26) in March! We have had plenty of time and thinking room, speaking spaces and consideration for the conversations and agreements we got involved in. The actions taken based on the mindset of our personality thinking mind. With the three-time hit to Neptune in the mutable square; a changed perspective has reached us and a new vision and dialect is now in place by the middle of March.

Also by mid January planet Mercury will also station to go direct in Capricorn where it was back on December 12th & 13th. The weighted conversation and the agreements insuring our success are regained and claimed! A month later Mercury will arrive in the sign of Aquarius and shows us the refined creative and

inspired thinking we need to have for the vision we are attached to for our future. By the beginning of March, Mercury arrives in Pisces and our intuitive nature is heightened.

No let's talk about love and our personal values as planet Venus transits into the sign of Aquarius by the first few days in January. Focusing on where we aim for and the ability to 'see' and accept something radically different for ourselves, our community and the pace in which we live our lives is well received with Venus in Aquarius. Consider the Unknown, the Unseen, the never before traveled territory! New creativities will be strong and potentially life-changing even in what could appear as 'meek stature'. Before the end of January, Venus will arrive in Pisces where she does well to bathe in the love of God receiving the blessings of promises and spiritual healing through the refined arts, prayer and overall wellness and peace! Things change for Venus in late February as she enters the fiery sign of Aries! Watch out because she is ready to rock-and-roll into action, passion and re-action! By the middle March Venus will arrive at home in Taurus where she will find a more stable grounding and enjoy the comforts of settling for a few minutes.

As we look at the month of March and the completion of the year's first quarter, we have very significant changes in the astrological skies and therefore here on earth in our lives and the direction we will be looking at. Firstly, on March 8th we have planet Saturn ingressing (entering) the sign of Pisces. There will be a tone of seriousness and purpose, karmic obligation and growth in this sign of the spiritual, grace and completions.

On March 24th planet Pluto ingresses Aquarius for the first time in about 250 year, give or take a few years. At that time we look closely to the South Node at Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) at 7-5 degrees, and the North Node in Taurus along with Uranus (ruler to Aquarius) at 16 degrees. There will be a social disturbance or shockwave; paying close attention to this in the understanding that a big change is on its way for us. We can feel very prepared adventurous and free to step into new creations with God's directive in a unshakeable faithfulness in trailblazing a awakening!

Hopefully we have done everything to release the past of which the sign Scorpio forces us into deep transformations which render us truly powerless to the reality that 'change and transmutation are the only constant in life' and the willingness we have had to 'bring that Scorpio part of us, with us' towards the healing of love in Taurus, on that radical new timeline. We will see the developments of this in May as planet Jupiter enters Taurus squared directly to Pluto in Aquarius zero degree, and conjoins the North Node at Taurus three degree. This will be a Spring to remember!!!

More on the upcoming Eclipses : Stay Tuned!

April 20th 2023 Total Solar Eclipse : Taurus New Moon (Technically Aries 29).

May 5th 2023 Lunar Eclipse : Scorpio Full Moon 15 degrees.



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In Radical Love

Happy New Year,


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