Mars & Venus Headed to Pluto : Entering ShockWave#2

As we look at the conjunction of planets Venus and Mars at 23 Capricorn; we are reminded on a personal level that our history of hidden motives, and of past misuses of power are all surfacing to the conscious mind. Planet Venus is still coming out of her shadow and will reach this point right as soon as she passes Pluto. She is the 'lover' to her counterpart planet Mars who has caught up to her, hand-in-hand are together climbing out of the shadows and into The Sacred Territory that Death of the Ego, Death of the old, Death of the Illusion ultimate brings to our front doors. Many questions personally and globally will be answered in the coming next week, we will all have a much better sense of where and with who we Stand.

In seven days from now, on or around March 2nd, we will experience on a personal level the profoundly transformational process of these two personal planets; Mars & Venus conjoining planet Pluto. What we love and how we go about getting what we want out of life will prove to be given a dose of powerful personal reflection and reconsideration for how we choose to move forward in the deepest parts of our values and passions.

Globally; one crisis is ending as the world recognizes the expiration of the 'pandemic narrative' as the next one in-line is delivered in a New Global Crisis as tensions of a war is felt. We keep our eyes on the Mars Conjunction to Pluto as both of these planets indicate traditionally war-some archetypes. This of course will prove financially impactful across the world with Gas prices increases, inflation will continue to rise as international imports continue to slow down for several reasons.