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May 2022 MONTH AHEADS& More!

MAY 2022

So we have entered the New Eclipse Window in this New Nodal Axis Karmic Season. With the New Moon partial solar eclipse on the first of the month in the sign of Taurus. Whatever, however or whichever obstacles may be in your path blocking your destiny; could very easily be removed at this time. When and if this does happen to you; it is best to NOT TRY and bring it back out of a knee-jerk reaction of old habits, patterns or fear of the unknown. This would easily create more hassles and difficulties for you and your natural progression forward.

Two weeks later by mid-month this Eclipse Window will close during the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This Full Moon will make it more than obvious to us what it is the we are in the process of letting go. Taking a closer look at the planetary rulerships of this Karmic Nodal Axis are planets Mars (ruler to Scorpio) and Venus (ruler to Taurus) and Pluto. Remember the path that both Mars & Venus took together as they passed through the eye-of-the-needle together at the beginning of March; this is KEY TO UNDERSDTANDING WHAT THE NEXT 18 MONTH'S KARMIC CYCLE IS ALL ABOUT! and exactly the reason I spoke about this incessantly! This is a POWERFUL TIME! Solar and Lunar Eclipses are considered to have the impact force of six moons. They are a powerful force of Nature designed by God to steer us upon our 'corrected path' that perhaps we have not had the energy, insight or ability to initiate previously. Major life changes take place within six months prior to and post to the eclipses and lasting a total of eighteen months in exact duration. Aside from these eclipses we are also going to experience both Jupiter and Mars entering the sign of Aries and conjoining at three degrees by month's end! WOAW!! Talk about new beginnings, in a BIG way! There is a cause for alarm here on a global scale; with this transit. But we will speak about that in the group, and pray for a better outcome. On a personal level however, this is a great and powerful opportunity to begin something that has been sitting on the back burner. Black Moon Lilith has also entered the sign of Cancer. Pay close attention to the places where emotions needs healing from toxicity in our selves and others. Emotional manipulations will be prominent as well as the ability to heal this if we are paying attention! Nip it in the bud now and don't be taken for a ten-month ride as BML transits this very sensitive and sometimes demanding and resentful sign of Cancer. This being the shadow side of Cancer, up for a cleansing, clearing and purging. Emotional needs for security and safety may be triggered and old childhood patterns arounds getting our needs met anyway we can could easily resurface. This is a great time to cut the ties of dysfunction and return the child back to God's care. Mercury will be going retrograde this month as well in its home sign of Gemini and returning back down to Taurus! How do we come to understand the message of love in our lives, body, hands, and in our changed and evolving resourcefulness? How does our cup become filled with New Life? New Love? New Fruits? Was there a message that we skipped over and disregarded? What is the Mercury retrograde trying to show us about the path of our destiny as it will reconnect to the North Node here in Taurus? As the Sun ingresses the sign of Gemini later on in the month; Mercury will pass retrograde over the Sun at 1-0 degrees of Gemini. This takes place on May 21st. Pay attention! Join us on the Astrology Forum Saturday, May 7th @7pm (EST) to be part of this LIVE discussion!

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