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Mercury Passes Pluto

As planet Mercury passes Pluto (yesterday Friday, Feb 11th) but is still in it's shadow until it reaches the 10th degree of Aquarius to finally meet up with Saturn; who is forcing us to hold the line in the Sand! Victory belongs to the People! There is an incredible wave of 'awakening into healing' happening right now! Also as both Venus and Mars are under Pluto and about to conjoin! Mercury here brings us innovative thinking outside the box of the old. It is Time for Change!

As planet Mercury is making its way into Aquarius; choosing a creative and inspiring mindset in our actions and inner perspectives can bring radical options to our conversations and genius creative problem solving! A new paradigm is on the other side of the Line! Freedom in breaking out of the old program is the only way to go forward, for our future. Will it come at a cost? Yes, most likely. Because anything that ever changed, never got to stay the same! The past simply cannot come with us into this new territory! Through chaos we discover, co-create and are inspired positively into a new way of Life!

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