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Month Ahead Forecasts August 2023 'The Turning Point Around The Corner'

We begin the month of August still within the Cardinal Grand T-Square from the Karmic Nodes to Pluto. The intensity of the life changes which this aspect guarantees us, has now revealed itself to us. Maybe as a slight gut instinct of a much needed karmic change which must and will move our inner motives and desires. Maybe the revelation has come in the form of a more physical epiphanie for us with eminent cathartic impact. In any case, a personal perspective in us will change, and a new way of understanding or seeing out of our eyes will take place and its effect on our relationships will paint new pictures of the past and who we are today. Many relationship contracts are about to go under a subtle freeing and reconsideration. The root cause of this deep inner psychological shift occurring in us, has a lot to do with the family tree we personally come from.

The first Full Moon in August takes place on the first of the month at Aquarius 9*. In the first week of the month the moon creates a one-quarter square as it reaches both Jupiter and *especially importantly to Uranus in Taurus. Indicating the significance of this Aquarius Full Moon and the 'turning point around the corner' during the first week of the month.

The second Full Moon and therefore the 'blue moon' of the month takes place on August 31st at Pisces 8*. The Pisces Full Moon is close to Saturn and we will see the mirror reflection of the responsibility we are being given, called to or needing to pay close attention to.

August 16th New Moon is at Leo 23* with Black Moon Lilith, Venus retrograde and Juno in Leo. The Leo New Moon is in a exact square to Uranus in Taurus, again indicating the 'turning point around the corner' which predominates this month's astrology aspects.

Venus is in 'her fall' as she continues to descend down in her retrograde in Leo. She connects to Black Moon Lilith then to the Sun and to the New Moon. Keep in mind that as she eventually 'ascends' in her direct motion post her retrograde, she will pass over these degrees again revealing much. At the end of the month Mercury will begin its retrograde in Virgo giving us much space and time in September to consider things with greater discernment.


The Weekly Transit Videos for August 2023, available each week through your Astrology Patreon Membership Tier will be covering the following aspects.

Weekly Transit Video Week 1 :

-Full Moon Aquarius

-Cardinal T-square to Pluto from the Nodes

-Mercury opposes Saturn

Weekly Transit Video Week 2 :

-1st Quarter Square Moon

-BML conjoin Venus

-Mercury opposes Pluto

-Venus square Jupiter

-Mars trines Jupiter

-Sun conjoin Venus

Weekly Transit Video Week 3 :

-New Moon Leo squares Uranus

-New Moon sextile Vesta Gemini

-Sun trines North Node

-Sun sextiles South Node

Weekly Transit Video Week 4 :

-Sun arrives in Virgo

-Mercury Retrogrades

-Mars enters Libra

-Full Moon Pisces conjoins Saturn

Inner Circle : August 1st

Outer Circle : August 31st


August's Lunar Influence for The 12 Signs.

View full forecasts on the Month Ahead Astrology Videos available on your Patreon Astrology Memberships!

*Aquarius* Full Moon August 1st, *Pisces* Full Moon August 31st & *Leo* New Moon August 16th

Aries: (11th-12th Houses) Ambitions connected to completing mega soul/life chapters. Beginning a new cycle in (5th House) your love life and strong creativity heals the heart.

Taurus: (10-11th Houses) Your lifepath is shown in future ambitions & your desires. Beginning new in (4th House) affairs of the home with a project, family outing or restructuring proves healing.

Gemini: (9-10th Houses) Traveling somewhere or studying something to gain knowledge applied to your successes. Beginning new in (3rd House) reviewing past conversations with new eyes could clear the air.

Cancer: (8-9th Houses) Personal and financial gains brings new insight, responsibility and a door opens easily. Beginning new in (2nd House) with money returning to you, paying off a loan or revisiting a past interest.

Leo: (7-8th Houses) Focusing on your relationship news and trust is key. Beginning new in (1st House) your revised self assessment brings deep personal healing with Grace.

Virgo: (6-7th Houses) Your daily health, stamina and strength take precedence and your relationship acknowledgments are focused on. Beginning new in (12th House) heartfelt healing to 'waters under the bridge' and a release of past possible resentments.

Libra: (5-6th Houses) A love life romance, creativity or joy is applied to your daily lifestyle & work routine. Beginning new in (11th House) creative endeavors which unifies you to those of common vision for your future.

Scorpio: (4-5th Houses) Family news will need your undivided focus and love is calling you home. Beginning new in (10th House) the possible return of past work and career ambitions for today's successes.

Sagittarius: (3-4th Houses) New agreements, meetings and conversations bring seriousness and the family home life shifts positively. Beginning new in (9th House) past studies and life skill training proves beneficial.

Capricorn: (2-3rd Houses) Surprises in money, values and love creates new agreements, maybe legally. Beginning new in (8th House) health, wealth and all financial investments bringing a valuable return.

Aquarius: (1-2nd Houses) Your entire self image and personal esteem are highlighted with renewed strength and mission. Beginning new in (7th House) a most significant relationship becomes key importance to you.

Pisces: (12-1st Houses) Deep waters are moving through your mind and much is revealed for you about your path and your self. Beginning new in (6th House) your personal heart, health and any daily ambition successfully.


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