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Month Ahead Forecasts for February 2023 & The 12 Signs! Read Below...

Here we are entering the second month of this new year! How's it been so far for you? With the exciting New and Fresh energies moving through the Sign of Aries, in a great Fire Trine to Black Moon Lilith in Fiery Leo; giving plenty of Self-Confidence in these New Beginnings and the reminder that What we have is given to us by God. Happy birthday to all Aquarians and aquarius risings... Here is where lies the Big News of 2023, of course! Not only are you finally being released from the grips of Saturn just in time for the arrival of Pluto! Wow!

Here's the Lunar influence for February Through The 12 Signs...

Full Moon Leo on Feb 5th & New Moon Pisces on Feb 20th.

Aries: Love & Passions are surely reaching your heart and your inner child. Play well and nice, and you could be brought to new Love Heights! A new Spiritual blessing is soothing things out for you behind the scenes. Count your blessings!

Taurus: Your family life and your foundation in yourself could be heating up with creativity. Remember what it felt like to be free spirited?! A healing is moving through your friendships and dreams are feeling closer to you.

Gemini: Some important conversations could reach a boiling point in excitement and creative proposal. You'll do well to jump into this fire! You path onward in this world is provided for you in kindness and peace! Try to not overthink this!

Cancer: A large gift is coming your way through work done well or creativity generously explored! This could land in your money accounts too! Subjects of interest seem to open up doors for you easily and travel could be a part of it.

Leo: You are on Fire this month and everyone admires your loving expression and warm hearted gestures. Staying humbled could prove extremely protective. Something is changing and you let go of the idea; Gods hand is a play here and you can enjoy this healing time.

Virgo: Things behind you are closing up nicely, don't meddle in History or you could find yourself back in a battle from your past. Softenness approaches your relationship and a new beginning is here for you two, embrace this with all your heart.

Libra: Some dreams are coming true for you and your spirit is inspired onward again! Festivities and friendships are growing brightly. Your personal space is receiving a influx of Grace, your health and yoru environment are blessed.

Scorpio: The passion which drives your engine could bring you to a creative new land. A direction is set and anticipated! The language of love is not in words, your heart flutters into an expanse like never before.

Sagittarius: Exploring your possibilities right now has you gity with joy and excitement. An adventure awaits you and you are ready! Your family life and physical home are a place of spiritual refuge and promise.

Capricorn: Your investments are showing profit, promise and expansion, not just in money but in healing of the heart. Make sure to create time for yourself to appreciate this! There are thoughts and agreements that need to be reached, let it be known.

Aquarius: A special relationship could bring you very significant news or a heart-warming gesture! Love is showing itself to you. An incredible fortune is landing in your personal value and money account. You deserve this, so simply accept it gracefully.

Pisces: Daily creativity and expressions of love are on plenty now all around you! Open your heart and sing loudly the sweetness you feel. You are ready for this new beginning in yourself with deep appreciation you move forward gliding effortlessly.


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