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Month Ahead Forecasts for June 2023.

We begin the month of June with some settling-in of last month's eclipse energies. There is a wonderful 'gift' being given... a treasure of sorts with planet Jupiter on the North Node of Destiny in Taurus. At the same time and also in Taurus, is the joining of astroid Vesta to planet Uranus. Mercury is out of its retrograde shadow to add much more calming clarity and simple focus to the big news and changes we see or feel under our feet and in a beautiful and appreciative manner. There's an earthquake building up and with an increase of Leo energies creating a squaring-off, we are sure to feel the eruption and breaking free of these held in energies. Hopefully we filled with Grace in this eruption; as otherwise the drama could find us cleaning up a big mess for some time to come! We've been warned.

A Full Moon in Sagittarius could not come at a better time; with its ruler planet Jupiter on the North Node of destiny in Taurus an adventure in a life-teaching is sure to catch our spirit and raise our minds inways to see further than before. The groundedness of Taurus will ensure correct, timely and steady progress towards that visionary truth which is igniting our free spirited nature in realistic and tangible resources. There is so much to be grateful for, luck, fortune and opportunities are knocking at our minds, hearst and doors in a big way this month. The Full Moon in Fiery Sagittarius, the stellium in Leo and the new Moon in Gemini is nothing shy of plenty of passion, creation, conversations, ideas and futuristic ambitions. They key to this is the patience and deliberateness of beauty-inspiring Taurus. It has to be beautiful, pleasant, attractive, abundantly grounded and savory! Nothing less than this will suffice the happy cow! Pluto's retrograde back into Capricorn until next January has us all breathing a long exhale.... slowly and completely. Take it easy.


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Weekly Transit Video Week 1 :

-Jupiter joins North Node in Taurus

-Full Moon Sagittarius

-Mercury is Out Of its Shadow in Taurus

-Mercury joins Vest and Uranus in Taurus

-Venus enters Leo

-Sun & Juno in Gemini

-Moon moves from Scorpio - Aquarius

Weekly Transit Video Week 2 :

-Mercury arrives in Gemini

-Pallas joins Black Moon Lilith in Leo

-Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn

-Moon moves from Aquarius - Taurus

Weekly Transit Video Week 3 :

-New Moon Gemini

-Jupiter sextiles Saturn

-Sun joins Juno in Gemini

-Moon moves from Taurus - Leo

Weekly Transit Video Week 4 :

-Mars joins Black Moon Lilith

-Vesta enters Gemini

-Mercury enters Cancer

-Venus joins Black Moon Lilith

-Moon moves from Leo - Scorpio

Inner Circle : June 1st

Outer Circle : June 30th


May's Lunar Influence for The 12 Signs.

View full forecasts on the Month Ahead Astrology Videos available on your Patreon Astrology Memberships!

Sagittarius* Full Moon June 4th & Gemini New Moon May 17th

Aries: Fiery passions of your projections in travel, study or creative visionary future; Personal conversations are moving quickly with great ease and excitement.

Taurus: Deepening into the financial or psychological intimacies in shared resourcing; Agreements of self-worth and appreciation could have you going to the bank.

Gemini: Your relationship status and dynamic could get much more personal; your annual New Moon is here and there's a freshness about you and what you're deciding to do for yourself.

Cancer: Daily routine could have you on a new trajectory with great passion; Something behind the scenes could be closing up and setting you free.

Leo: Your heart is burning for love, adventure and freedom; Friendship and new discoveries together shows you the way for the road ahead.

Virgo: Family developments needs your attention in a home-life discovery; An exciting developments open new doors at work professionally.

Libra: A new agreement is reached and communicated with great luck and truth; Travelling for fun or research could prove advantageous and creatively visually inspiring.

Scorpio: Money news comes in and new income is agreed upon with great value; Interesting conversations could have you scratching your head and then wanting more.

Sagittarius: Something important in you is coming to be known and seen very significantly; A new dynamic in your relationship begins with a new conversation and promise made.

Capricorn: A memory from your past resurfaces and brings you deeper understandings; Daily emails and phone calls as you figure out what you're doing is refreshing and you get to the finish line.

Aquarius: Inspired to go for your dreams and you could be in for the adventure of your life; at home...! Your heart and love for another ignites brightly and strongly.

Pisces: A professional prospect is getting your attention and a direction is being revealed; Home conversations are important and settling into an agreement takes front stage.


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