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Month Ahead Forecasts September 2023 'Easing Into A Reflective Solution.'

I am happy to say that the month of September could very well bring us a time of ease and reflection, compared to all that we personally experienced since June. Mercury is still retrograding at home in Virgo and will pass the Sun here in Virgo. This is in alignment with the 'back to school' season and a fresh look at the books of life, our surroundings all the resources that we have access to, who is speaking and what are they saying, leading us a school kids into the new school year of Life! We are in a new chapter, the air smells differently, the sun shines from a new angel upon our faces and new thoughts are beginning to become known.

The day planet Mercury and the Sun conjoin in Virgo is the day when Jupiter stations to go Retrograde from Taurus and a very favorable and tangible Earth Trine is generated. I personally LOVE a Jupiter Retrograding and I explain this meaning in each of the Month Ahead Forecasts Videos for each sign. Jupiter will go Direct on December 31st at 6 degrees of Taurus (Where it was this past February)... keep that in mind.

September's New Moon is in Virgo; ruled by Mercury; as Mercury is retrograding in Virgo! Keep that in mind as we are brought to solving a problem or at the very least understanding the pieces of information we must apply and put into consideration!

Planet Mars is moving through its 'natural opposer' in the sign of Libra. This can be good or bad... but either way a type of 'apple cart will be tipped over'. If you come from the generation that has Pluto in Libra pay special attention. As we know that the South Node is also currently moving through Libra for the first time in 20 years.... so for some it will be a combination of Mars, *Pluto & South Node in Libra! (*Replace Pluto with any other planet that you may have in your birth chart in Libra.)

September's Full Moon in Fiery Aries; suggesting the upcoming Eclipses next month (October 14th at Libra 21 and October 28th at Taurus 5).

Overall I believe the Month of September is a cooling down period, with the end of August's Full Moon on Saturn in Pisces, we are still in the sobering reality check of that reflective mirror and what it has shown us about the Faithfulness we seek in our existence here on earth. We begin the month of September in this deep Piscean depth...

All month long we have Venus direct accompanied by Juno as they travel up the degrees of Leo! What will this duo reveal about the drama; saga; chaos and our Merciful Hearts? And the opportunities learned since June in Leo? May we feel and experience the blessing of God's Grace!


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September 2023 Lunar Influence for The 12 Signs

Virgo New Moon September 14th Aries Full Moon September 29th

Aries: (6th House) Your daily tasks, health & work ethics are under observation. A full reflection on (1st House) your self image, expression and how others see you is coming into full view for you. People are noticing you! Are you noticing you?

Taurus: (5th House) That which ignites your love? And a deep conversation from the heart. A full reflection on (12th House) your faith, rest and healing as a chapter closes and you enter the dream state.

Gemini: (4th House) Look not too far, it's actually right in front of you at home and with your family. A full reflection on (11th House) friendships and your personal goals. Where do you want to go, and with who?

Cancer: (3rd House) Interesting new insights on a old conversation or believe could be crucial now. A full reflection on (10th House) your career ambitions and personal determination out in the world are ignited.

Leo: (2nd House) Figuring out your finances and which valuables are true to you are important now. A full reflection on (9th House) what you are projecting from your own beliefs. Where is that inner fire taking you?

Virgo: (1st House) You are in deep thought about what to do next, good, be patient and the corrected answer will come to you. A full reflection on (8th House) what and who you trust in becomes a key focus and much more is revealed about shared interest, love and intimacy.

Libra: (12th House) You may find yourself less talkative and more reflective these days. A full reflection on (7th House) the future of your relationship and a new spark that makes you take action with another.

Scorpio: (11th House) Get to the drafting table ASAP and re-examine the plan, more important information is coming. A full reflection on (6th House) your health and possible new lifestyle approach to work or personal wellness are key.

Sagittarius: (10th House) Career ambitions and your thinking cap is ON, something from your past could resurface and become imperative. A full reflection on (5th House) your love, romance and the beginning of something very creative, but gently, kindly and warmly.

Capricorn: (9th House) A great Earth Trine for you and your mission and vision are recalculating your landing pad. A full reflection on (4th House) your foundation and a spark of ignition at home and with family. It could be a change you've been waiting for.

Aquarius: (8th House) "She Love Me, She Loves Me not..." you may be finding yourself in a compromise and wanting to negotiate, but wait it out. A full reflection on (3rd House) the insight of a new way of seeing, thinking and communicating could be what's needed now. This is something new.

Pisces: (7th House) Your relationship is showing you a different side as they discover something new about themselves. A full reflection on (2nd House) what's most valuable to you, your income, personal worth. A great step or action is needed and available.


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