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Month Ahead Forecasts & Videos for July 2023.

In July we are Post-Eclipse Energies and hopefully we've had the time and the experience of 'settling down' into a new formula of peace, calm and anticipation. Yes we are post-eclipse however, we are entering during the last two weeks of July, a significant Energy Shift, as the Karmic-Dharmic Nodes change signs into the Aries-Libra axis line of polarity. Every eighteen months the Nodes shift signs and the polarity axis line of our personal, psychological and Soul natures must shift as well.

Consider the North Node placement to be the 'North Star' objective for our lives at this time of eighteen months. In addition to this axis line shift, we will also be experiencing a perfect T-Square to Pluto who is back in Capricorn. Anytime that this Nodal Axis is creating a T-square to planet Pluto, we are faced with a destined fork in the road. It may be an obvious life decision or 'happening' which takes place, pulling us on a certain destiny path; or the influences can be felt and experienced deeply within the recesses of our psyche...

However this Energy Shift takes place in each of our life-paths, relations or personal self-image; July is a month of seeing 'Who we are, What we are made of, and Where we come from!' Because we are definitely being invited, called, drawn, pulled, or pushed into a fated/destiny course in life now.

A Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd (with Pluto back i n Capricorn) brings a illumination to an old, stagnant, and deeply rooted ending. Considering this similarly to the 'end of life review' I suspect takes place in our last weeks, days and hours of our very real and personal lives; can be compared to this transit while we look at the road ahead and all that is yet to arrive; in shock, surprise, change into a new way of life! With the Sun, Mercury and Juno in Cancer we look inwardly and within our immediate home and family surroundings for the peace and comfort we care to have, share, nurture and secure for ourselves and our loved ones. This will be emphasized during the mid month New Moon in Cancer.

The Full Moon Axis line from Capricorn to Cancer is in a T-square to Chiron in Aries continues to ask us if we are asking for God's Will; and therefore discipling onward, or if we are still self-determined and possibly detrimental in one's self image? More on this as the North Node enters 29* Aries on July 13th and creates a Fire Trine to Retrograding Venus at 29* Leo by month's end!

This Fire Trine in the most simplest of spiritual measures can be said as follows "Is the Aries' self-will in discipleship to God's Will, for Aries?" Is the Leo heart serving itself and falling a bit short on Grace, Merci & Faith; or is it asking to learn to love a little bit more, as God Loves?"


The Weekly Transit Videos for July 2023, available each week through your Astrology Patreon Membership Tier will be covering the following aspects.

Weekly Transit Video Week 1 :

-Full Moon Capricorn

-Venus Mars Pallas all passed BML in Leo

-Venus Mars Pallas Leo BML square Uranus

Weekly Transit Video Week 2 :

-Vesta squares Saturn

-Mercury Trines Neptune

-Mercury opposes Pluto

-Mercury arrives in Leo

-Mars Pallas arrive in Virgo

-Nodal Axis Shift

Weekly Transit Video Week 3 :

-New Moon Cancer

-New Moon opposes Pluto

-New Moon creates Grand Cross

-Nodal Axis Shift in T-square to Pluto

Weekly Transit Video Week 4 :

-Sun arrives in Leo

-Venus Retrogrades

-Moon passes S Node in Libra

-Mercury arrives in Virgo

-Moon conjoins Pluto in Grand T-square

-Nodal Axis Shift in T-square to Pluto

Inner Circle : July 1st

Outer Circle : July 30th


July's Lunar Influence for The 12 Signs.

View full forecasts on the Month Ahead Astrology Videos available on your Patreon Astrology Memberships!

*Capricorn* Full Moon July 3rd & *Cancer* New Moon July 17th

Aries: (10th House) Where you are headed in your career successes. Beginning new in (4th House) Home & Family Living & comforts.

Taurus: (9th House) Visualizations & mental projections flourishing. Beginning new in (3rd House) agreement and emotionally valuable conversations.

Gemini: (8th House) Investments & deep psychological change. Beginning new in (2nd House) money adventures bringing a deep personal value emotionally.

Cancer: (7th House) Marriage & relationships of extreme significance. Beginning new in (1st House) yourself in a personal decision coming clear to you.

Leo: (6th House) Daily wellbeing, health & work habits. Beginning new in (12th House) a season of rest and hidden motives or private meditations.

Virgo: (5th House) Love life, romance, creativity and children. Beginning new in (11th House) future endeavors, friendships and emotional healing.

Libra: (4th House) Family affairs, personal life developments & real estate. Beginning new in (10th House) business or personal work from home.

Scorpio: (3rd House) Your belief system and conversations. Beginning new in (9th House) emotional clarity paint the picture of truth in your inner knowing.

Sagittarius: (2nd House) Money, income & personal values. Beginning new in (8th House) emotional intimacy reveals depth or death of a situation.

Capricorn: (1st House) You, your self image and inner reflections. Beginning new in (7th House) partnerships of personal importance and love at a deep emotional level of connection.

Aquarius: (12th House) Closures coming to a head and a big life cycle ending. Beginning new in (6th House) daily health and wellness, with a new kick in your step.

Pisces: (11th House) Your ambitions & inspirations for your future & fellowships. Beginning new in (5th House) personal love, emotional healing and children.


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