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Moon in Aries (yesterday & today)

Have you felt the strength and determination of this Aries Moon over the weekend? As she crescents and grows with fiery personal determination and ambition. Yesterday (Saturday) the moon squared off to Aries' ruling planet Mars and to Venus, both in Capricorn! This is a great Square-Off of personal change through action!

Today' moon ( Sunday) still in Aries will square off to both Mercury (now direct) and to Pluto! This is another powerful 'change our ways' or watch something in our habits, behavior or lifestyle be eliminated. We are in a personal process of deep inward realization that we simply cannot continue forward unless we take a sharp inner turn and the action in our lives that support this movement onward.

If you are one of those people right now feeling that 'electrical charge in the air' you can thank that to the Aries Moon in great harmonious ignition to Saturn in Aquarius and the recent New Moon in the Freedom for Humanity sign of the Water Bearer.

How do we 'break free' from a perceived or experienced oppression, from a restrictive container that can no longer support our growth and expansion into uncharted territory?

These very creative and motivating energies will only intensify as the moon continues to grow to be a Full Moon in Leo by mid month!

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In Radical Love, Magali

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