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New Moon Gemini & Fiery Beginning to Lovely Growth & Much More!

On Monday May 30th 2022 in the early hours of the morning will the Moon conjoin with the Sun at 9* of Gemini. Curiosities grow as meetings of the minds, face-to-face encounters and the new possibilities which bubble-up and out, are started here. Gemini is a playful sign of childlike wonder and amazements.

Deep curiosities of a journalistic mindset, data collecting, connecting-of-the-dots ambition is going to be felt and pursued. The ruler of this New Moon in Gemini is planet Mercury. At the time of this New Moon, Mercury is in its retrograde backward path from Gemini back into Taurus. Mercury originally retrograded at Gemini 5* on May 10th, very close to this New Moon at Gemini 9*.

As Mercury is at 27* Taurus at the time of the New Moon in Gemini; we can begin to see the missed message in Taurus, nearing the North Node in Taurus and the degree at which the Sun was located in Taurus at the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Mercury is bringing our attention back to the Eclipse Axis Line.

A missed Message is calling our attention; Taurus is the sign of love and safety in the comforts of our resources in a steady, slow and beautifying abilities. Taurus also rules the throat chakra area of the human body and the ability to receive and express, to take in and 'appreciate' that which is shared in trust, in safety and in love. Taurus upholds strong and solid boundaries necessary for embodiment and self sustainability and solidarity. It is the roots, stem, bud and flowering of the seed once planted. It's solidarity is within its connection to both the earth soil and the sun rays, the waters of falling rain and the pollination from the winds. Taurus secures its position in sustainable, slow, timely and graceful measures.


Stay tuned...

A Great Awakening & possibly Jolting Conjunction takes place in Taurus in July. When Mars, Uranus and North Node meet at the Mid-Point of the current Mars -Jupiter (in Aries) square to Black Moon Lilith (in Cancer).


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In Radical Love, Magali

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