New Moon 'Is The DoorWay Open?'

Well here we are, after weeks of preparation and deep soul work, we arrive at the day when three astronomical transits take place! Today is the day of the very spiritual New Moon in Pisces accompanied by Pisces' double rulership by both planets Jupiter and Neptune.

A spiritual doorway is available to us, has been made known to us when Jupiter sextiled Uranus, and now the New Moon (conjunction of both the moon and the sun) are in a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. to be followed by month's end by planet Mercury and in April, by planet Mars as well.

You could ask yourself what is ready to be dissolved in your life, in your attitude, behavior, work or relationship? See in your birth chart the House which is occupied by Pisces and make this transit 'personal' for you. The DoorWay is there, in that house in YOUR CHART! This is an opportunity like no other! So rare is it that we have all these planets in Pisces and all the while in a beautifully harmonizing sextile to the sign Taurus where not only Uranus is transiting, but the North Node as well!

If something is not showing up in elegant harmony; double check if something in you needs to dissolve and soften to allow the energies to move through the doorway, and create ease, grace and a feeling of the Miraculous, or if the lack of harmony is redirecting you away and onto other lessons. Things now on a personal level should feel graceful, exciting, and new! There is so much love pouring through this DoorWay that anything that is not coming form the pure spirit of innocent Love and spiritual calling; could easily appear as a gigantic obstacle by contrast,