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December Month Ahead Forecasts!

As the Month of NOVEMBER comes to a close, we've had the closure of the eclipse windows and these energies settle down a bit for the next several months allowing us to find our way as doors behind us shut close and the path before us begins to reveal itself more and more.

As we begin the Month of DECEMBER, we have the intensity of seeing the results of our deep and personal emotional healing journey which we have been on for the majority of this year. Two astroids; Pallas and Black Moon Lilith are conjoined in the emotional-security-seeking sign of Cancer and in direct opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This shows us our natural 'Lunar & Saturnian' karma and the tension of this natural oppositional dynamics in our lives. As well as our emotional sobriety, where and with who we feel emotional secure and the authority to create rules-of-conduct and the appropriate boundaries in a due-diligence which shows the 'lawfulness' of our new Timeline.

Planet mars is still in its retrograde phase in Gemnini and on December 7th we will have a Full Moon on Mars. Look back to September 19th or 20th to see what this illumination is bringing to your attention about 'past action taken from a mindset believed'. More is being shown here around the need to stay curious and teachable.

Happy Birthday to Sagittarians out there; enjoy your Solar Return as your ruler; planet Jupiter has stationed to go direct in Pisces; bringing you an invisible yet powerful blessing, prayer and spiritual gift. Maintaining Spiritual peace is essential.

We finish the year with Jupiter re-entering Aries on December 20th, as it had on May 11th earlier this year; we will see the fiery re-launching of our New Path Initiated in Aries. This time around however with a Direct Square to both the Winter Solstice Sun and to the New Moon in Capricorn. We get a Green Light to move forward with new success and personal ambition.

Be aware of the December 31st Venus-Pluto Conjunction. This conjunction always has a a bit of a 'cautionary note' to it. Make it a safe emotional New Year, and trust the deep transformational powers of Pluto as a slow and steady revealer of Soul Truths.

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