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November Online Astrology Classes & Tonight's (Oct 24th) 5D-Activation!


Basic Astrology Online Beginner's Class

You'll receive a five-question-quiz each week, looking into some random points of the astrology chart, the meaning of some current transits, describing some of the building blocks of the astrology chart, qualities of planets, houses, rulerships, etc. All information available from the Course Resource materials; the 90 minute tutorial videos (3 Tutorial Videos) and workbook. You will have the 'password key' to access and view the pre-recorded videos on the website page for the month. You'll be tracking the month's lunar cycle through your chart with one (or two) additional key transits for that month, trackable on the provided monthly ephemeris. Study your astrology chart for the month along with the pre-recorded videos and join the 'end of the month' monthly (recorded) Zoom Group Meeting. Here, you will be able to go over the month's material in a live video setting. Your Zoom Group Classroom is EVERY SUNDAY, with the *BASIC portion of class from 6:00 - 6:30 pm (est).

You are welcomed to stay and *observe the remainder of the class Intermediate/Applied Astrology Class from 6:30 -8:20pm (est). Register Here November Basic Astrology!

_________________________________________________________ November

Applied Astrology Intermediate Studies

You already know your sun sign, rising sign, the basic understanding of the chart 'houses' and hopefully you've already had at least one astrology reading.  Also, once you register, you will have access to the three Home Study Tutorial Videos located on the Home Study Website Page, and accessible with your PassWord Key.  In support of your studies, please take the time to review these Tutorial Videos.  The subjects discussed are; the Houses, Signs, Glyphs & Planets.  As part of your foundational knowledge for the course, please familiar yourself with this material.  If you are not intermediate then please consider registering to the BASIC ASTROLOGY COURSE. Thank you. PURPOSE OF GROUP... Empower Yourself by studying and exploring this sacred language.  Be part of a supportive group for inner awareness and healing. Have fun in the process and meet like-minded others who share in the journey of awakening and knowledge.  Challenge yourself to learn and absorb the process of learning astrology! Register Here November Applied Astrology!


Tonight's ( Oct 24th) 5D Activation Register Here!


7:00 - 9:00 PM (EST) This month we have the NEW MOON in LIBRA 23º forming a CARDINAL CROSS with MARS RX at 20º ARIES and JUPITER 19º-PLUTO 22º-SATURN 25º (ALL DIRECT) in CAPRICORN! "WHO we are in ourself, determines HOW we show up for others, and what we will tolerate and which changes need to happen." This is what this Month's New Moon will show us! Mercury is Rx in Scorpio and will re-oppose Uranus in Taurus. This will be the second of three times! Venus in Virgo will need to bring balance from Neptune in Pisces, to then beautifully harmonize with the 'Capricorn Trio Direct Now!' In this 90-120 minute gathering, you will receive the long-distance group activation during the Guided 5th Dimensional Meditation. In harnessing and processing the powerful energy and spiritual transmission that we are currently; collectively and individually experiencing during our time here on earth now. We prepare, adjust and intend into this next Soul-Life Cycle Wave! This awakening is personally felt, and ripples move through the collective tribe! Our resources will be in flux! Maybe earthquakes are happening literally, the 'ground beneath' our feet is moving and shaking this up in a big way! Following the Guided 5th Dimensional Crystalline Core Meditation is a live Q&A session with Magali and the participants. Contribute your question during the LIVE Q&A with Magali and the group. It is strongly recommended to bring your journal, crystals, and other 'objects of power' to the gathering. Participation in the Gathering will be conducted via a Zoom Conference Video Classroom. However, for energetic purposes, the 'video option' will be turned OFF for participants, with only the 'audio option' turned ON. This is done to assist in the transmission and group privacy during our time together. * DONATION OF $22 **YOUR EVENTBRITE ELECTRONIC RECEIPT HAS THE INSTRUCTIONS ON IT. YOU WILL NEED IT TO ACCESS THE WEBSITE PAGE TO RETRIEVE THE AUDIO RECORDING POST EVENT & TO ACCESS THE LIVE WEBINAR ON ZOOM!** I look forward to being of service and welcome your participation. Magali~


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In Radical Love, Magali

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